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The poems strike back, with a really big stick, I mean a BIG stick

Six tears and a scream.

I fail
to hear the rain
I fail
to feel the pain

I cry
without you
and I walk
the drowning rue

do not
leave me
I cannot

I may
not hear you
but I can feel
your hand.

Songs before.

I take you hand inside of mine
I spin you round and hold you tight
enclosing you in cold, soft night

I keep away the pain
hold it at bay with my sad refrain
sing away the dark and rain

and draw you in to me
I whisper in the dead of night
beside your ear and out of sight

my eyes are hidden by the blight
of blindness
cast on you.

Insiran Istrila(endless cripple).

The crutch is hard against my skin
the sweat runs down my furrowed brow
my strength and valor wearing thin
cut apart by a cripple's howl

I feel the pain of my lost leg
as I fall between the bars
I will not be confined to wheels
I will not be denied the stars

I will crawl through ruin if I must
my face turned down
and bathed in dust
and if this price I have to pay

I will gladly fall and die
I once was proud and tall and strong
now my body claws at me
with argent streams of cripple fire

seeming now to writhe and bleed
the leg is gone beneath the knee
so why can I feel the pain?
the doctor says it's just in me

and that is where I place the blame.





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