evil_von_weevil (evil_von_weevil) wrote in the_scary_kids_,

You've ruined my bitterness

Allison, you are responsible for destroying my core of pure, concentrated evil.
Why did you have to do that?  Bugger it all, now I can barely even abuse James.
Now my whole day hinges on you, instead of giving people withering stares and then sneering and turning away.
Do you know what you've done to my reputation?  I'm likeable now, and that is disgusting to me.
(bangs head on keyboard)
You've ruined me.
I've become weak and emotional! 
By the way, do I bother you with calling daily?  If so, just say so and I'll try to restrain myself.

Micah(a.k.a Ol' Chap Grumps)



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