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Because there's nothing better to do and everyone needs poetry.

Fractus in Terram.

You left me broken in the rain
you abandoned me to face the pain
the glory of a severed vein
is lost to my blind eyes

As blood soaks through my ragged skin
I wonder why you left me here
to cry in cold and weep in fear
and I am losing all I hear

it's music fading now
you once stood beside my bed
you held my hand and touched my head
you held fast until I bled

and then you ran away
but I don't fault you now
I love you as I always did
don't try to come back

I don't need you

Ten Tradgedies before Nightfall.

I don't look at things that way
you can't change the way I see
I am looking into nothing
but at least now you're with me

so don't let go
I'll drift off
leave you here to cry
I can't keep

my own hold
if you leave me
I will die
I have nothing

without you
but with you
I'm not alone
I can breathe

and dance and dream
I can sing and see the stars
I can whisper by the stream
so hold on

we'll both fall
into soft and endless night
come to me
in my world, I can show you with my sight.



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