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The Comunity

Ok peoples...Most of you will refuse to read this but screwit I'm writing it anyway.

We have been having a slight problem on the site. Whats the prob you may ask? The problem is that we need to put new rules into action so this thing dosen't go haywire on us. So out of bordem here are some new rules.

1.   All large writing must be behind an LJcut; i.e. Poems, Stories, Large pointless tangents about your life, pretty much that and anything written by Micah really.

a. Also all plans and events must also be behind an LJcut.

b. Also please put *warning*  on posts w/ expict content, viloence, raceism, ect.

2. You must post once a week to the comunity. No lurkers.

3. DO NOT join if you are under the age of 12. We require this so we don't mess with the Children's Online Protection Act (COPA).

Well thats about it for now. Comment if you have anything to say on the matter, or if you have a rule that you think we should post.

Fare thee well



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