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The Ballad of Steve the Sock

(sung to the tune of:Can you feel the love tonight?)
Oh one day I was shopping
and looking for a sock
and I came across one of plain white cotton
and found that it could talk

I bought it then
and named it Steve
and he was my best friend
we laughed and sang and danced together

just like we'd be here forever
but it all came to a screeching halt
when Steve got an STD
I found out he'd been fast and loose

with the shoes on my TV
so I checked him into a clinic
and left him there to die
and as I walked out of the ER

I had tears in my eye
for though he'd been stupid
Steve was still my friend
so I went back into his room

And stayed with him 'till the end.

So the moral of the story is, there's a reason socks aren't sentient.

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