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"Those men. And their stupid Not-Telling-You-Penises."

"It’s Estrogen, trust me."

"No, it's the -Oh god, I’m gonna puke- no wait, false alarm."

"Look at me! He turned me into some stupid fat pregnant girl who cares. I'm telling you, it's Estrogen."

"It’s the penises."

"No, it’s Estrogen."

"No, it’s the penises."





I love Gray's Anatomy.

That was such a funny episode lastnight.

Poor Christe is pregnant. And Dr. Mcdreamy, is married. Poor Meredith. She loved him so.... Oh and some nut case guy came in with a bowel obstruction, Cause he ate 10 barbie doll heads. And George, the investigateive Sponge, Still loves Meredith.

Blah. Today's Monday.

Okay Jinx if you read this gimme a call sometime today or something, I'm bored crazy......


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  • heh heh, sorry

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