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Well, that was a day of fun.



Money Spent: $40.09 ($21 on entrance and band, the rest on food)

Rides Gone On: 4 ( Twirl thing that sucked 2-3 times,Zipper 6 times, 1001 Nights 3, The One We Liked 2)

People Met Up With: 2-5 ( Bryndi, Trevor, some other preps)

Random Hugs Recived By Random Guy Named Trevor: 1

Random Hugs Recived By Random Guy Named Trevor For Jinx: Lost count after 7

New Male Celeb To Stalk : Dane Cook (along with Jack Black, Jhonny Depp, David Spade, Bert Mckranken, Quinn Allman, Gerard Way, Billy Martin, etc)

Fights Witnessed: Almost one...

Guys Called Ball-less: 2

Cute Guys At Fair: 5

 Hot Guys At Fair: 3

Number of Mini Sluts: Lost count after 150

 Number of Real Sluts: 150

Number of White "Gangstas" : 200

Number of Mini White "Gangstas" : 100

Number of Man-Whores: None...that I saw........... 

Number of Transvestites: None that I saw


Fun ^_^


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  • heh heh, sorry

    Right, that comment is gone.

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