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We're the ones at the lunch table that you fear...

This is the place the freakies can hide.

10/18/05 07:15 pm - evil_von_weevil - Nine and seven make twenty one

Unrequited in D-MinorCollapse )





10/16/05 10:17 pm - evil_von_weevil - For once, I don't know what to say

Confusion and CarcinogensCollapse )





10/15/05 08:36 pm - evil_von_weevil - heh heh, sorry

Right, that comment is gone.

10/15/05 09:55 am - _jinx_in_pink_ - I'm droping off the face of the earth

Prepare for the speach...


I'm leaving the community for a long while, I really need to sort some stuff in my life out. I've been horendisly, unforgiveably, utterly stupid and mean to Xandra. I'm so sorry. I know thats not really helpful, but I truely am. So anyways as I was saying, I'm leaving the community. I really want to be left alone right now. Please don't call me or make a fuss about this. I just need to go away for a little bit. I just want to hang with my mom for now. I'm might have to go to a self abuse clinc soon. I have been cutting/beating myself for about a month and a half now and nobody has noticed. I called a suicide hotline last night, lot a  good that did. They should have people working there 24/7. Whatever... I'll see you all again soon, hopefuly.


PS. Comments on this are disabled for now. Mabey forever...


10/13/05 07:25 pm - evil_von_weevil - The poems strike back, with a really big stick, I mean a BIG stick

Empty suit for an empty manCollapse )




10/12/05 07:27 pm - evil_von_weevil - Theory

I have a theory.
The theory is, if I get any less interesting, the world will implode.
And that's pretty much all I have to say.

10/12/05 09:50 am - articvampire - DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

"You spin me right round right round, baby right round, right round, round round..."

This song has been stuck in my head........
I got DOPE! Lol

And it's all thanks to Camden,
Who god emtionally abused...........


See you guys tonight...........

10/11/05 07:30 pm - evil_von_weevil - You've ruined my bitterness

(slamming head with screwdriver)Collapse )


10/11/05 05:44 pm - articvampire

Guys are stupid.
Emtions are stupid.
James pleae don't read into this, it isn't about you.
I have to go blow someone's brains out now.....~locks gun~

~starts randomly humming~

*We're going down, down in an earlier round
And Sugar, we're going down swinging
I'll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it...*

10/11/05 01:52 pm - evil_von_weevil - Because there's nothing better to do and everyone needs poetry.

Soporofics for DinnerCollapse )


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