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does anyone know where i could find the shirt summer is wearing when she's in the hotel room with anna and seth. it says ps i love you.. i cant seem to find it anywhere!!
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hey hey, im leia and im 17. and dude oliver is sooo bugging me. i mean he is hot and all, but he is soooo insanely psycho, i can't wait to see what happens this week.

i can't believe that marissa is totally blowing ryan off just because oliver has a few more issues that he does at the moment. doesnt she see that he is PSYCHO!?

adam brody is uber hot, and soo adorably funny. summer is bugging me, she just needs to leave seth and anna alone for now. they are cute together...
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oc baby

i love love love the O.C.! it's my favorite show, right now. i've seen every episode! it's so cool.last weeks episode was so great. summer cracked me up. i totally know what it feels like to be in that posision. i jsut got back from a trip like that. i was with my friends and we where down @ my beach house and all of my friends invited their boy friends. and i never really have boy friends b/c i never want ot get in too serious of a relation ship so i just date around. but any ways. it was totally a big make out fest and i was not part of it. i spent most of my time watching T.V... aahahah. oh well later
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'Lo all! My name is Meg, I'm a high schooler too. New episode tonight! *Screams with excitement* I'm really excitied for Oliver-gone-insane, as well as Anna-Seth with Summer squeezing in.

On the subject of the last episode: did anyone else find Luke extremely amusing besides myself?
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hey guys :) im jane and i'm sixteen. <3 adam brody! So episode in TWO DAYS! yay. apparently luke hits on a summer a bit. I personally am excited for oliver's "fit" and watching summer being hilarious tagging along with seth.

ps. does anyone wonder why anna was in BED with seth?
they are both in pjs...

hmm...virginity lost?

well we'll find out ::GASP:: tomorrow night. ahh pissing in my pants with excitement.
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hey i'm lucy, 16, and i live in dc. im an oc fanatic...yay, and its on tomorrow as u all know. i saw some previews for tomorrows show on ET on MTV and in the show, summer wears these glittery heart earrings i've seen her wear before. she must love this look, i found two pics of her sporting them. In one they aren't glittery, and the other, they are.

i know, random, but take a look

are you mocking me? because I can't tell.Collapse )
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