Lauranne (laurannelin) wrote in the_poolhouse_,

OC STYLE.... great new news source for the OC!

Hey, guys! I thought I'd let you all know about my amazing new OC fan source, entitled OC STYLE! Today is the Grand Opening, so I'd love you all to visit! It'll also be a great new place for you all to receive info and relay to everyone on LJ! :D I'm Lauranne, the webmistress, and I'm dedicated to bringing you all the latest in everything and anything OC! We're keeping you updated, everyday, with the absolute most up-to-date news, photos, graphics, and exclusives!
There's also a GREAT forum attached. :)

Just a little OC news!

Also, did anyone catch that Rachel and Adam are looking at houses? *scratches chin*
* Apologies if this has offended anyone
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