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Can You Survive The Ocean?

or will we fucking drown you in it??

The Deep Blue
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Welcome to the_ocean_. This rating community is the evil twin of the__jungle. We're much more elite and much, much more brutal, so if you can't take the chance of getting rejected, get out of the water before we bite your fucking heads off. We're different than most rating communities. We are original and unique. There are only fifty-five spots in The Ocean. Therefore, it will be hard to get in. When you apply, you must choose which creature you will be in The Ocean. When we reach forty members, the applicant will choose the creature (member) of their choice and try to get their spot. If the applicant is accepted, you have lost your spot in The Ocean. This means you must reapply. An applicant cannot choose a creature (member) to challenge unless there are forty members in the community.

Alex // demonicxhalo

Get to know her

Grey // onesharpknife

Get to know her

Miranda // mirandaadria

Get to know her

Follow them or we'll gut you like a fish.

1.  You must be 15 years or older (or have super special priveledges/permission from a mod)
2.  Make your application friends-only, or you'll be auto-rejected.
3.  For the love of Jebus, use an lj-cut.  For your application put, "I think I want to be a(n)____" and fill in the name of the creature you want to be in the blank.
4.  For the title of your application, guess what to put.
5.  Respect stamped members; worship the mods.
6.  Save the drama for your mama anywhere but here.
7.  Just kidding, for the title of your application, put, "Can I survive the ocean, or will I be part of the next red tide?"
8.  Be able to take a fucking insult, because you just might get a few harsh ones.
9.  If you get rejected, ask one of the mods if you can reapply. If you're lucky, we'll let you.
10.  Post your application within 48 hours of joining or get your lurking ass banned.
11.  Douchebaggery* is strictly prohibited.

*douchebaggery n  (dsh. bg. ûr. ) :  1)  deleting your application for any reason.  2) Commenting anywhere other than your application before being accepted.  3)  Harrassing the mods about anything in their personal journal.  4) Having a lack of common sense/intelligence.

Much more lenient.

1.  Friends-only is the new thing. All the cool kids are doing it; don't you want to be cool?
2.  When voting, you'd better give a reason for your "yes" or "no" vote
3.  Be as evil and hurtful as you want. This community is not for the faint of heart; applicants have been warned.
4.  Don't fucking promote in here.
5.  Wrap it up [with an lj-cut] every time (pictures/themes/hunts/contests/long posts/etc)
6.  If you do something that one or more of the mods deems *stupid* we will give you one warning.  If you do something else we deem *stupid* you will be banned.
7. DO NOT SPAM. This means no promoting in anything other than a community that allows it, your own journal, or your userinfo.
8. Don't spam us with pictures, either. Number them, or you won't get points.
9. You must get 50 sand dollars each month to stay in the community. If you don't, you will have to re-apply. And if you leave by your own will, please tell one of the mods or make a post about it.

Use rich text only if you're a dumbass.