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Welcome to my Community :) Feel free to look around but i have some Rules to follow.

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001- no harrassing me on my LJ. send a damn e-mail! And no harrassing others. keep layout comments in the message board.
002- dont post on my community or lj crap like who are you and do i know you stuff. read my LJ then youll know who i am.
003- no picture or graphic stealing what-so-ever. this is my lj and i dont want my stuff taken without permission. if it gets bad enough i will post a code to stop left clicking on the mouse and no highlighting. i spend lots of time on my graphics.
004- Comment when taking anything. If you don't comment, you will be banned.
005- credit all taken layouts or you will be banned
006- no death threats
007- You may only use these layouts on Livejournal,no where else unless you have permission.
008- to join you must click on both the community a message board soory about that though.
009- to become a moderator you have to send an application with examples of work done for ljs and rccomendations.
010- please try to place a banner of my site on yours. itd mean alot, and it keeps comunitys going.
011- layouts take awhile to make. so dont call them and harass them about getting it done, they offered to make it for you, they can take it away.

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ON A LAYOUT OR QUESTION IN GENERAL, PLEASE EMAIL xXPink_Girly_GirlXx@msn.com. That is checked CONSTANTLY, so please don't be afraid. Thank you!

~~If any of these rule are broken you will see your lj name on my banned list and will have to take the issue up with me. thats all :)

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Banned Members-

_bangladesh - illegal comment
sexi_lexie - illegal comment

Also..this seems to be a little confusing. You must have a button to us in your userinfo. Please don't hotlink. Upload to your own server. You need a button if you use a layout or not. It's just easier that way.

If your worried about forgetting thats ok. i give out warnings,

1st warning- one week to change it unbanned
2nd warning- banned, an mass member vote to let you back in.
3rd warning- banned permenitly no vote.

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