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Hat Sorting's Great Hall

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Hogwarts Great Hall
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Great Hall of HS @ Livejournal Basic Information
Welcome to the_great_hall_ of hat_sorting, only join if you are stamped into a house officially. If you aren't go get stamped at hat_sorting! This is a place where all members can get to know each other. We can post random entries about what's going on in our lives, what's going on in the community. It's also a place where absolutelyfatal, HMA, will update about certain things including classes and competitions. Since this forum is so large it's not without drama though we try to keep it to a minimum, we honor free speech and open mindedness but the Head Mistress must keep order, please read the rules and abide them at all times.


1. Be civil, be yourself, be honest. But please keep your manners in mind.

2. If you feel a flame war is going to start STEP AWAY from the situation. If you are hurt by something a member says don't continue to fight, announce it to HMA. In most cases HMA will give a warning and freeze replies or delete a post. She may also take away points from houses if it's needed. Do NOT be afraid to go to HMA, she is there for support and she WILL provide it.

3. When posting a survey or a meme cut large pictures or results. If you are responding to these posts post your results in a comment to THAT SAME entry, do not flood the Hall with a million posts of the same survey. Thank you.

4. If drama develops HMA's word is final, if you don't like it you are not locked here, simply leave like a mature person.

5. You may advertise here, but only once per site/community a month!

6. AGAIN, if they are ANY problems go to absolutelyfatal. Aim name: ApprenticeAmadeo. Email: goddessamadeo@gmail.com Msn: amadeo_belovedofgod@hotmail.com.


Important Posts:
Current PIP's.

Official Reapplication Post. AKA Being Resorted into a Different House!

Official Hiatus and Leaving Post.

Court of the Ministry. AKA The Official Punishment Post.
Re-entry Post.

Official Points Post for the Current Quarter.

Official Complaint/Suggestion Post.

Great Hall Staff:
Head Mistress: absolutelyfatal
Deputy Head Mistress: truthanderror


Main hat_sorting Communities:
the_great_hall_ hs_ministry
Common Rooms:
housegryffin househuffle houseraven housesly

Stamping Sub-Communities:
hat_sorting animagi_patro hp_stamping suesorting
Activity Sub-Communities:
hs_library hs_prophet hs_graphics hs_bookclub
Competition Sub-Communities:
hogwarthousecup q_itch hs_debate hogwarts_staff_

Hat Sorting Role Play:
hs_hogwarts hs_databank
hsh_badgers hsh_claws hsh_lions hsh_snakes
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