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Do you guys use it? I'm jennashaped on Twitter if you all want to follow/still communicate. I miss y'all! I remember how much fun I had here. I still love Potter, but I love Keane and White Collar now, too. Always a fangirl, I guess! Anyway, feel free to add me! I'll add you back! Comment with your twitter username if you don't mind. TTYS I hope!

Striking up conversation

Since it has been a year or so since anyone posted in here, I am going to post something. It won't be extravagant, but I will say I miss you all who were part of hat_sorting. Hopefully you all are doing well and all that. I am doing well too, work mostly and involved in another sorting comm on LJ called hogwarts is home. If you are interested, join. it's fun and I am sure you all will like it if you do. But anyway, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I am still here, so if you see this post comment with what you all have been doing. Let's get a conversation going! have a great afternoon/morning/evening everyone! <3

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FC// Slaves with White Collars


Sooo I heard that the 6th movie's going to be late in the theatre or something? @_x

I hope they don't butcher the movie. I did like the director for the 5th one and I think it's the same guy for the last 2 movies.
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Diana... IZ NOT DED!!!

Also, I also wanted to tell you guys that I MISS YOU, am in IJ, and I GOT A TEACHING JOB!!!

That's right, I teach highschool English to... highschoolers. ::is anticlimactic:: and my students made me a pimp HP podium... well they painted my already existing podium BUT IT IS STILL PIMP!!!

So... comment... get in contact with me... make life more awesome. NOW!
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Community Pimp Post!

Since hat_sorting is closing down, perhaps some of you may be interested in a community that is HP related but has more of a discussion/lifestyle focus vs. being so tightly tied to the fictional universe. Regardless of what house you've been sorted to here, if you feel you have some Slytherin in you come on over and apply! Collapse )

New Library Awards!

(Here's hoping this isn't too long or OT...)


The New Library Awards!


This is a new awards site that is dedicated to solely new and underappreciated authors. It is a spin-off of the recommendation site, The New Library (, and just like that comm, all ships are welcome! We'd like people who are interested in all sorts of ships and genres to join both to nominate some fics and become judges! If you're interested, please come join us!