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The purpose of this community is to have a place where people can discuss current events, politics and more, basically a general discussion, but not in such a serious and bleak manner. To make light of things and have some fun with them. The community was created with freestyle rap in mind. For those that don't know, freestyle rap is basically rapping off the top of one's head, using whatever comes to mind.

We have a few rules, just to maintain a little order around here:

1) All entries must be in the form of a freestyle/keystyle.

2) The topic must be something that is debatable(nothing juvenile).

3) All replies must also be in the form of a freestyke/keystyle, like a freestyle battle.

Also, anything goes, so long as it doesn't get juvenile.

One last thing, please end each line of your keystyle by either htting enter or using a slash. It's makes things easier for those reading by showing them how you intended the rap to go.