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MACHIGAINAI [12 Jun 2004|04:12am]

[ mood | FUNKY AND FRESH ]

Aight here comes the diss to little Mrs. Jappah Ho
An ugly ass bitch all Japanophiles know
Crooked ass teeth, fake ass weave, Chinese J. Lo
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to BLOW my dick
Do my dick real big with your va je na
Sold 10 mil/Big deal/Numbers are fabricated
Jap people refuse to be fucked over and over
See that's a metaphor with some imagery associated
They seek freedom from inflation/They just wanna be emancipated
Free from the tyranny of the evil label empire
It'll be 20 more lifetimes before they can retire
They're just tired
Sick of seeing Japan represented by some skank ass pros
Or some Korean bros overseas
In the mass market that's the image that they're selling
All the while, the good people are yelling in frustration
Wondering what kind of wood this bitch will add to the fire
All the while, the evil label empire laughs all the way to the fucking bank

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New [25 May 2004|02:12pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Yo i dunno if you ready for me,
I'm new and i lyricly commit assualt and battery,
I rise above politicans on levels absurd defying gravity,
Not interested in the way the world works, fuck the anatomy.
Bush can bite the bullet and irritate his cavitys.
Communist type, many may dislike my spit type.
I'm for global unity, human race never much did anything for me.
People seem to forget, we're just animals. But now adays society gives me to much shit to handle. This stress, never seems to get less, so i distress, grab the mic and coax niggas to flex, what they got. My words make ya brain rot, played out like high tops, your flow stops then my starts. I'm open minded, wise to the tales every story is two sided. My future?..undecided. The crew i roll with simply can't be divided, we get hot on mics and multiply it, my outlash...no one can survive it.

Thats about it for this entry, 508's represent wanna battle? Sure, just don't tempt me. I leave clips empty, on that note i'll make my exit if ya'll be so kind as to let me.


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[27 Feb 2004|04:00pm]

Dubya Bush drinkin beer, Dubya bush doin coke
Dubya Bush killin men, Dubya Bush gettin smoked
by the gun in my hand, or the revolt in the street
Dubya Bush goin down, you can see the defeat
makin everyone mad
with hangin chads
he looked for weapons but missed
he's the american terrorist
Hitler times ten
killing innocent men
but we know what it's really about
getting re-elected in November, without a doubt
but we wont let it happen, we're not that idiotic
let's just hope a president like this doesn't become periodic
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let me see... [29 Dec 2003|05:37pm]

yo...watching TV at the moment- fuckin open as a donut-
with a 22 of brew I hold the remote like I own it-
but I dont, though-
Mom's house, where Im gon' go?-
Out into to the rain and then maintain because Im gung-ho-
Or 'yo Joe'- G.I.- mustache like Im Magnum P.I.
getting older with 3 eyes so I could see why!-
Every broke man needs a mom cooking lamb-
A brother whos successful
and an uncle on the Lam-
I may act flam-
boyant with a mattress and joy stick-
but Im nearly 28- figured out how to avoid shit-
Like- work and credit-
you Fed Ex it Im ahead of it-
In debt to cigarettes maxing out just for the red of it-
Ready, aim, spit-ball
In class: Y'all aint shit, Y'all!
Whatch out for the pit falls-
Old age teenager will get y'all!
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[06 Jun 2003|10:03am]
[ mood | awake ]

I've just joined this community
because I'm down with the unity
It's still all a little new to me,
so if my words don't come out fluently
don't hate, keep in mind
the skill it takes to rhyme
to spit creative lines
and keep your verse in time
but anyways, I'll jump off that rant now
and rip it up like it's supposed to be going down
I'm here to debate and battle vocals
with these community locals,
put current issues in chokeholds
while I make my way up to the focal
points, I'll express my views
on todays news,
the war and our government
keeping the public confused
the stories untold,
the truth on the brink
it's being exposed,
I'll let people you know what I think.

But sadly now it's the time
back to my nervous reality
I'm at work biting my cuticals
and this flow has exploding my cubicle

hmm that was a little whack
oh well, whatever,
maybe a "hello, my name is Charlie"
would have suited me better

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First Post. Give Me Feedback. [02 Jun 2003|12:56am]

It's like/Everday I wake up/Hoping for change/I don't mean a transition/But money to fill the tank/I got no job/But a lot of ambition/Gotta get off my ass/But I just keep wishin/If I could get a call back/From one of these places/I'd wipe the look off all the people's faces/The ones who call me stoner/Like it's just a joke/The ones who say its over/Because I chose a different road/It's bound to get better/I know this now/I want to get better/But I don't know how/When you wake up/Knowin there's some new drama/It makes your ass wonder how you'll repair your fucked up karma/I shouldn't complain about this misery/It's not so bad/It's how it's sposed to be
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Here goes.. something about indifference.. prose :B [25 Apr 2003|01:29am]

Dont blame me for trying/ Im no good at rhyming/ I wont depend on lying/ spare me your crying/ So on with my opinion/ Maybe I should, could, would, hope you'd respect me/ my effort will be/ in part to see/ if its me/ or just an illusion/ there's plenty of confusion/ so anyways...

Its a game to be so tame/ Truth be told/ Our hearts are cold/ To see decay is too painful/ shameful/ Turn the station/ catch the nation/ taking the easy road of forget/ let it set/ the tone/ to atone/ sunday confession/ our brief session/ to repent/ how about for lent/ give up caring/ Keep the plastic, cars, money/ what happened to decency/ spirituality is smoke/ honor is a joke/ too late to atone/ whats done has been done/ ignorance and hate/ the motto of our state/ the combo is to bait/ our enemies or our friends and our friends are 2nd rate/ Whose to trust/ nobody so its a bust/ Indifference makes the world go round/ and we're the leaders spinning it around/ its only an image/ we cant really believe/ enough to feel/ or try to heal/ the pain of mothers, brothers, others/ Just turn the station/ define our nation/ defamation/ the rest's new sensation/ we'll take our pride and guilt and change the station/
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I thought this was ammusing. [22 Apr 2003|04:24pm]

[ mood | amused ]

The people at Ready. GOV have prepared a chart for all you spooks,
For terrorist attacks, chemical, biological, and nukes.

They give people signs, but it's really just "duck and cover",
So I give you the funny with a site from another.

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here it goes/i hope it flows [22 Apr 2003|08:33pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

so here's one from Dano, outside the US border
got my redcoat all packed and my musket's in order
seems gulf war two is the topic of choice
so i thought you might value a foreigner's voice
fresh from the land run by bushy-boy's bitch
the way this is going is makin my fists itch
"a means to an end" that's their wonderful notion
but this whole damn thing causing me mixed emotions.

civillian targets, taking the brunt
admittedly, cos Saddam, he was acting the cunt
his troops in urban areas, he's acting the coward
but leave em and the coalition get overpowered.
but why all the missiles? civillians get lost
didn't want urban combat? it was not worth the cost
looking at the attitude it seems to me
that it was "better it be one of you than one of my me"

but this you all know, no more gilding the lily
repetition of news is just a bit silly
besides, that'd make me no better than the media
can you sift through this all crap that they feed ya?
wagging the dog, it's a media circus
some more footage of women crying in burkhas
over the son they've lost, house that's gone, it's far too sadistic
"one death is a tragedy, a million's just a statistic"

so, here is some news from here in the UK
concerns an MP called George Galloway.
seems his name was discovered in iraqi dox
in a little ring file, in an old tatty box
in some half wrecked building in baghdad
i suspect that the news made ol' blair go quite mad
seems that this guy came into some cash
that was fresh from the box marked "saddam's secret stash"
negotiating the oil deals
fresh from the oilfields
the money for iraqi meals
was greasing the wheels
he allegedly made about $600g
(you can check out the story here, on the BBC)
15 cents on a barrel, that's what he got paid
seems dictators are fine if there's cash to be made
he says that the news is a ridiculous claim
or later he'll try to be shiftin' the blame
be it US or UK, from new york to dover,
politicians are the same the whole damn world over.

(rhyming couplets really, not quite a freestyle, but a few more goes, and i'll flow like the nile)

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This week I get my physical. [20 Apr 2003|06:40pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

This Wednesday I get to take my Air Force physical test,
So I want to make sure I get plenty of rest.
I'm not really nervous about going to MEPS,
All I need to do it make sure I take the right steps.
What I'm really worried about it telling my grammy,
Cause when she finds out I've joined the military she's going to give me a wammy.
I need to break the news to the old maid with class.
Otherwise when I tell her she's going to bitch at my ass.

Any ideas of how I should do this?

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[20 Apr 2003|05:31pm]
how do y'all feel about the Iraqis jackin' the museum.
it's not like all the soldiers around couldn't see 'em.
Soldiers even shot up some ancient arab goods
that've been 'round longer than y'alls neighborhoods.
I guess it was a plot America just couldn't foil
cause they were to busy securing all that oil.
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never freestyled before [20 Apr 2003|04:37pm]

these fuckin' jingoists really make me sick
how cocky would they be if they heard a click
of an M-16 in their own backyard
their daughters and wives sent off to war
their fucking SUVs would be no more
all their big business friends would be feathered and tarred
for dissention against the anti-war state
for preaching guns and oil and racism and hate
they said "those damn Iraqis their freedom we'll take!" (under the guise of do-gooding, make no mistake)
now who is the one with their head on a stake?
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Piolets packing heat [20 Apr 2003|04:37pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

How do you all feel about our piolets being armed?
Do you think it'll keep us from being harmed?
Perhaps it'll make people feel alarmed?

My rapping sucks I have no flow,
So I'll just stop right now and go go go.

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All about cops [20 Apr 2003|01:49am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

walkin' down the street about to meet my friend but to no end do these cops give me my props, they stop me to see if im high im goin awrie I wanna fly from this shit thats on me like a zit. It feels like I'll never get away from this opression it's like an obsession to these fags until i get my mags and blast them away until its the end. shit the 25th of march was a site I must be right, mindin my own biz listenen to some shiz until im rudley interupted by a corrupted cop that i wanted to pop in the eye and make cry until he wanna let me go so i can grow to show these kids they stronger then them, learn them to deal with the cops shpeal and not to kneel when a cop says heel. cops arent racist they fascist i can prove it, im white, right? they book me shook me even tried to cook me. spent three nights in jail for an empty weed baggy, i feel like fuckin' shaggy, when they found out that he, wasn't jamacian. how long does this have to be taken. i cant get a job cos of these cops they think its funny until i take their money and date their daughters. they worry about me smokin triddle but it doesnt bother them that i can be drafted n crafted sent to a fuckin desert shot at fuckin killed for a reason i dont believe in. drivin by keepin an eye on me then turnin around to show me the power they abuse im like a fuse ready to blow. if i had a gun theyd throw me ina jail without no bail yet they let these dicks carry heat yet never meet them let them raid houses disruptin the peace breakin my shit plantin crack in my rack and sayin it was mine and tried to give me fines until i asked for prints and then i saw the judge give the cop some hints tried to get me to touch the bag but i aint a fuckin hag. they lost and the cops are still on the road its a conspiracy with no end my friend we aint free were lost in the three.

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Anti-War people start fights at protest [19 Apr 2003|10:02pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Those damn anti-war people get on my nerves.
Whining, causing trouble, protesting everything.
What good do they do? What news do they bring?
Here in Ohio they held a protest,
For the war and the government that they detest.
But it seems the anti-war people aren't too ant-war,
When they suddenly got violent and started a score.
There was fighting left and right from what I read,
So I'd like to take this time and say "Are these people fucked in the head?"
How can you be anti-war? Protesting left and right?
Then when you get angry you're the first to fight?
I'm not saying all anti-war people are this way.
But the ones who are are morons I think it's safe to say.
So this goes out to all the people who threw those fits.
Stop your whining and your bitching you stupid hypocrites.

Thank you.
And let me appologize for my horrid free-styling skills.

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Welcome.. to The Forum! [19 Apr 2003|04:33pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Welcome to the Forum, hope you have some fun/Let me show real quick how this forum is done/pick a topic of any variety/then bust a flow about it here for all to see/hope that it starts an intelligent debate/but keep it chill, yo I don't wanna see you hate/ that means no flaming.. so don't act like a cunt/ if you do, we'll give you a nice little punt/before you click to join please read the rules/ follow them like one of christ's disciples/ and since this little rhyme is sucking a wang/ i'm gunna end it now, so its your turn mang!

Yee.. I make Mos Def sweat at night/mostly out of terror from the shitty rhymes that I write.

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