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the_elite_'s Journal

The Elite
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What the community is The_elite_ is a rating community, one that accepts only the best of individuals. Only the top percentage of people, the elite, will be fit to join this community. Acceptance is strict, so incorperate time and effort into your application! Please read all rules and regulations before applying!

How you become accepted or rejected You are going to be rated based on how you formulate your opinions, and if you do so intelligently. If you stand by your points or elaborations intelligently, you can be accepted. Current members will comment, posting either "accept" or "reject" based on how they feel. Whichever option recieves the most votes determines your outcome, and you will be stamped.

Rules And Regulations:

1. Please make the application entry under a livejournal cut, titled. If you do not know how to make one, find out. You will be automatically rejected if you do not comply with making a cut. Updated to change the title and cut regulations on 1.1.05

2. Please bold the subjects/questions in the application to make it easier to view. Please restrain yourself from using flashy images, colors, fonts, etc., to make your application look "better." Your opinions will make your application, not the visual effects used with it.

3. Answer all questions on the application. "I don't know" or "I don't get the question" doesn't count as fully answering the question. You are also prohibited from editing your application (lj-cut purposes are a special circumstance) after posting. You will be banned if you edit your application.

4. Post your application within 24 hours of joining. You will be stamped after 24-48 hours of posting, or when the majority of members have voted. When the member count enlarges, so will the voting number requirement.

5. Do not comment, vote, etc., unless you are accepted. Wait until the official stamps are issued. If you do any of the above without being stamped (accepted), you will be automatically rejected & banned.

6. Do not argue with members, even if they "insult" you. If a member asks you any questions about your application, answer them. If they are unrelated to your application, you may make the call. But keep in mind that arguing is not allowed.

7. Moderators have the final say on any and every subject. If you argue with any moderator, or attempt to counter their judgement, you will be automatically banned from the community.

8. Be active, post pictures, participate in debates, topics, and especially, promote!

9. Do NOT contact moderators through their personal journal with community issues.

Note: There are a few details that we ask of you, such as bolding questions, or answering every question. If you fail to comply with these simple details, it will only result in a negative defect on your application. However, if you consistently skip over many of the little details we ask, you will be subject to automatic banning from the community.

Members Keep in mind:

1. You may be harsh when rating members, but if you personally attack an individual, you will be susceptible to banishment (depening on the severity or amount of entertainment it provides). Follow these guidelines:

Harsh Rating: You are unintelligent, and didn't put any effort into your application. You DO NOT deserve to be a member to this community!Personal Attack: You are stupid, you and your mom should go DIE! (Moderators make the final call when choosing to ban or not ban members).

2. Do not promote your communities here, it is not allowed, and you will be banned.

3. In the application there will be a place for a personal image (that is optional). In no way will you accept or reject an individual based on their looks. Images are a source of entertainment, not an attribute of an application. If you are caught basing applications upon physical appearance, you may be banned.

4. Bold your rate, whether it be "accept" or "reject" to make it easier to find in your comment. Also keep in mind that you must provide a reason for why you voted the way you did. If you do not provide a reason, your comment will not be counted.

5. As stated above, remain active. You are trusted with posting what you feel is appropriate (excluding the previously stated). We are not a bunch of overly-mature geeks, just a group of intelligent people. Pictures, jokes, debates, rants, etc. are all encouraged. Please cut all pictures or long posts. No quizzes or memes.

Application X X X X X

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