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Elite?..Or not

[ Basic ]

1. Name: Amanda
2. Age: Sixteen
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
5. Hobbies: Marching Band, Concert Band, Yearbook Staff

[ Elaborate on the following (At least 2 sentences, be original) ]

6. School: School's important to your life, and it should be important. However, I don't think a person should let school become their life. Family and friends should always be an important part of your life too. School also opens alot of doors in your life, and I think people could learn alot more if today's society valued it a little more.
7. Religion: Religion works for some people and doesn't do anything for others. I think most people turn to religion because humans have the need to beleive in something more powerful than us, and that death isn't really the end. Religion also gives people courage and strength, and makes us better people.
8. Government: Today's government is inaffective, ruled by political strategy, and could care less about the people. Politicians are so worried about getting elected for the next term that they don't even bother with the issues. If you aren't going to make a difference in your first term, why should you be elected again?
9. Beauty: Beauty is on the inside and on the out. I tend to see beauty from the inside shining out, and if you are really a good person, you are beautiful no matter what you look like. People who are beautiful on the outside only are nothing more than a facade of beauty.
10. Love: Love is the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to a person until it ends. While you are in love that seems to be the only thing that matters, and when it ends it can destroy you. Platonic love is always worthwile, and being surrounded by people who love you can make any situation less daunting.
11. Sports: I'm not really a sports fan, because I think it'd kind of tedious to watch them, and I have very little athletic ability. I also think it is ridiculous to waste so much money on people just because they can run and throw and hit. Meanwhile, people who work harder make way less money.
12. Media: Media helps us to know what is going on the world we live in. It provides a voice for the people, and that is good. However, the media also interferes with things, and people rely to heavily on it. Oprah, for example, can say something is good in passing, and the next day swarms of buyers rush to stores to buy it simply because she likes it, and has a good tv show.

[ Education ]

13. What grade are you in? Eleventh
14. Grade Point Average? 3.9
15. Do you believe that GPA/school grades reflect a person's true intelligence?No. People can be good test takers and acheive good grades simply by studying. not based soly on intelligence. Some smart people can also be poor test takers. And lets face it, i teacher doesn't like you, you're screwed.
16. Greatest educational achievement? Being chosen for a presidential education award.
17. Describe the best teacher you've ever had, and why you believe they were: The best teacher I ever had was Mrs. Graham for Seventh and Eighth grade English class. She had a love for teaching, and for her students, and she never failed to be cheerful. She taught well, and always inspired her students to acheive more. She really knew how to bring out the best in people, both in their grades, and in their attitudes.

[ Scenarios ]

18. There is a massive heat wave predicted by scientists within the next year, and you're on the council to find a way to prevent it. How will you do this? Find out what is going to cause the heat wave first, and then discuss possible solutions. However, I think we would eventually come to the conclusion that the heat wave couldn't be prevented because it's hard to prevent weather, and we would then move on to possible solutions for how to get people ready for it.
19. You're stuck in a room with a kerosene lamp, a gas stove, and a fireplace…you only have one match. Which will you light first? First you must light the match. :-P But really, I would light the gas stove first, because if it's cold I could keep warm. Plus, I could only light the fireplace first if there was enough wood, and it never says there is wood. Also, fires can go out, and lamps can be broken.
20. Your house is on fire, and the only exit is blocked. What do you do? First, I would panic. Then, I'd call 911 to rescue me. Following that, I would try to think of what is blocking the exit and if there is any way i could break through it.

[ Favorites ]

21. Books: Harry Potter (all of them), Lord of the Rings (all of them), Honest Illusions, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and Little Women.
22. Subjects (in school): Pre AP English, and World History
23. Movies: A Walk to Remember, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Save the Last Dance, and National Treasure.
24. Invention in the history of mankind: The Computer
25. Day of your life: June 18th, 2004. The day my boyfriend and I got together, because he is the best thing to ever happen to me.

[ Other ]

26. Please promote our community in one place where it is legal to & provide a link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/xx_dontblink_xx/
27. Provide one clear picture of yourself (optional) (you will not be rated upon appearance):

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