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[ Basic ]

1. Name: Tiffany Doody
2. Age: 23
3. Gender: F
4. Location: Edmonton
5. Hobbies: Games, girls, computers, music, anti establishment.

[ Elaborate on the following (At least 2 sentences, be original) ]

6. School: Was boring, to many cliques
7. Religion: Is great, but to each there own
8. Government: Is a joke
9. Beauty: Is what you make it.
10. Love: Is esential
11. Sports: Who doesnt like to watch people run with balls and chase them?
12. Media: Lies

[ Education ]

13. What grade are you in? None
14. Grade Point Average? 2.1
15. Do you believe that GPA/school grades reflect a person's true intelligence? No
16. Greatest educational achievement? Realizeing I am smarter then the teacher.
17. Describe the best teacher you've ever had, and why you believe they were: My sophmore english teacher, she was the best because she knew i could do better then i was and she didn't put up with my shit.

[ Scenarios ]

18. There is a massive heat wave predicted by scientists within the next year, and you're on the council to find a way to prevent it. How will you do this? I won't if the heat isn't strong enough to kill anyone why not work on your tan?
19. You're stuck in a room with a kerosene lamp, a gas stove, and a fireplace…you only have one match. Which will you light first? The match umm Duh.
20. Your house is on fire, and the only exit is blocked. What do you do? Run around screaming and panic and pass out, no really find the next best thing IE: window and jump out.

[ Favorites ]

21. Books: Its so simple but The harry potter series, the LOTR series.
22. Subjects (in school): English
23. Movies: What dreams may come, farenhiet 9/11 bowling for columbine,
24. Invention in the history of mankind: fire
25. Day of your life: 4-5-03

[ Other ]

26. Please promote our community in one place where it is legal to & provide a link:
27. Provide one clear picture of yourself (optional) (you will not be rated upon appearance):
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