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Elite? Me?

[ Basic ]

1. Name: Rebecca
2. Age: 16
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: San Francisco, California
5. Hobbies: Screenwriting, graphic arts, icon making, poetry, short stories, reading, dancing, singing, critiquing movies, watching tv shows, listening to music

[ Elaborate on the following (At least 2 sentences, be original) ]

6. School: I’m a Junior in High School and am apart of a program called the International Baccalaureate, which is a bit harder then AP classes. It’s a two year program with international aspects, and instead of normal AP tests we do many projects and essays for our 6 classes, we need 150 hours of community service, and have to write an extended essay. Check out ibscrewed to get an idea of the overachieving non-lifers that we academically motivated are.
7. Religion: I’m an atheist. Part of that comes from my upbringing, my family isn’t really religious. Part of it also comes from my strong political beliefs. I attempted to get into Christianity because it was popular among my friends, but at a Church Camp in ended up instead getting into a fight with my cabin leader over homosexuality being a sin, and decided that I just couldn’t be apart of religion. I understand the appeal, and respect people who chose religion, because I believe it can be a great comfort in ones life. But for me, the mystery of not knowing, not needing to, and never having to compromise my own beliefs is just more appealing to me.
8. Government: One of my passions. I’m extremely liberal, so of course I’m not very fond of the current state my own government is in. I’m one of those people who love the “in theory” when talking about anarchies or communism (needless to say, though people doubt both methods, I think it’s important to mention the following 1. Animals/early humans 2. Native Americans). Economically I can occasionally be conservative, but not too often. I could write you a book on my views of government, but I don’t really think that would interest you.
9. Beauty: In a person, that’s much to hard to define, and let’s avoid the obvious “it’s on the inside!” remark before we all gag to death. I think beauty comes from having strong emotions towards something without know why. I think we think things are beautiful when they remind us of ourselves. Like the rain, the sky, the streets of Paris. I’d like to think of it like this “Things I consider beautiful are the things I would see in a painting of my life.”
10. Love: You know that feeling when you’re with someone and you think “I don’t want to be alone after this”? I think that’s love. It’s the feeling that we need someone/something to be there. And I recall being younger and waking up in the night with a dream that my mother sold my baby blanket and that it was lost forever. And I know that feeling only comes when you love something, and when you know that if it isn’t there tomorrow, you can’t make it through today.
11. Sports: I’m not very good at sports. Blame it on genes, coordination or whatnot. But I like the ideas behind it. The competition, that need to win. It’s a bit frightening to think about, but in the same way it’s beautiful. That need to win, it’s just another form of desire. And we need desire to make our lives worth anything, to keep us going. So in a way, sports captures the essence of being human.
12. Media: We were without for a long time, but in my life anyways, I know I’m dependent on it. I think influence is just another excuse thrown around by people claiming not to have any free will (like the folks who try to sue McDonalds for being overweight). I mean, you want biased? Talk to your parents for a half hour. Everyone influences each other. But if they happen to mention that Brad and Jennifer are getting a divorce while throwing around some opinions, then why not?

[ Education ]

13. What grade are you in? Junior in High School
14. Grade Point Average? Won’t know for awhile, but probably around a 4.5 I could imagine.
15. Do you believe that GPA/school grades reflect a person's true intelligence? No, there are a lot of brilliant people who don’t do any work, and a lot of people with average intelligence who work extremely hard. And then there are a lot of suck ups.
16. Greatest educational achievement? Not killing myself in IB would be a good start. Maintaining such a high GPA throughout high school was nice as well. But schools more natural to me. My real success was getting an A in PE.
17. Describe the best teacher you've ever had, and why you believe they were: This would have to be my 4th grade teacher Ms. Madigan. She is probably the meanest lady you could possibly ever meet (it was rumored she had thrown a wig and a shoe at several different students). She was gone every single Friday for her second job, and she barely taught us anything. Yet for some reason, I wanted to have her, and waited a year to go to an advanced school to have her instead (which ended up isolating me and I spent my entire 5th grade friendless). And with so many reasons to hate her, still she was the best. Because I learned that, we make choices, some good, some bad, but how we walk away from those choices really reflects on the person we are striving to become.

[ Scenarios ]

18. There is a massive heat wave predicted by scientists within the next year, and you're on the council to find a way to prevent it. How will you do this? First, I don’t think it’s a smart idea to try to sit there and figure out how to prevent it. That’s like asking how to prevent the rain, when you should be pulling out an umbrella instead. I’d be the logical one and suggest getting prepared with a lot of bolted water and encouraging home owners to make there homes more heat friendly.
19. You're stuck in a room with a kerosene lamp, a gas stove, and a fireplace…you only have one match. Which will you light first?
Depends on the situation, but probably the gas stove. Especially if I needed to do some cooking. But seeing as this question lacks much depth, lets assume I have some paper lying around and I find a way to light all three! Wait, wait, never mind. How exactly do we know the situation is cold? In fact if it’s the massive heat wave that finally came, I’m going to light the lamp and try to stay as cool as possible.
20. Your house is on fire, and the only exit is blocked. What do you do? If I have a phone I’d call the fire department or someone nearby who could help me. No phone, well then there’s a problem. I’m going to try to be logical. If someone knows I’m trapped, then I won’t waste my precious oxygen screaming for help, and wait until I hear a voice call out to me. If no one knows I’m there, then I’ll scream. And while I do this I’ll be looking for a way out (there must be another way). I’d find something to cover my face for the smoke, look around for water perhaps, and then I’d try to hide to keep the flames away (if it got that bad).

[ Favorites ]

21. Books: Gone With The Wind would be my answer, but seeing as that is also my favorite movie (among my ever growing list of favorites) I would also have to say Love in the Time of Cholera is a terrific book that I’ve recently read. It’s very beautiful and moving, but it teaches you so much about love and overcoming the pressures of society.
22. Subjects (in school): I enjoy English and Theatre Arts because I believe they will help me most in the future with my aspiring dreams of screenwriting.
23. Movies: Well of course Gone With the Wind, but I have a fondness for musicals (Hello Dolly and other Barbra movies), movies to watch when I need to sigh a lot (The English Patient), romantic comedies (When Harry met Sally), over all feel good we can do it movies (A League of Their Own) and don’t forget those wonderful left wing heart warmers (The American President).
24. Invention in the history of mankind: The internet. I don’t know how I managed before search engines and live journal.
25. Day of your life: Everyday I’m alive is a good day.

[ Other ]

26. Please promote our community in one place where it is legal to & provide a link:
Posted Here. It’s one of the nice advantages of being mod at such a big community. No one can really get mad at you.
27. Provide one clear picture of yourself (optional) (you will not be rated upon appearance):
I don’t really like posting pictures of myself on the internet. But I’m blonde, blue eyed, and I like my lips. They’re good lips.
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