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[ Basic ]

1. Name: Tali
2. Age: 19
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: Chicago
5. Hobbies: Reading, screenwriting, poetry, general writing, icon making, icon collecting, watching movies, making jewelry, making collages, hanging out with friends, watching tv, graphic design, film school (I know its learning, but I consider it a hobby too), water polo (though I don’t get to play anymore because we have no sports teams at school. I miss it.)

[ Elaborate on the following (At least 2 sentences, be original) ]

6. School: I attend Columbia College Chicago and I am in love with my college. I hated high school with a passion and was miserable there. If you said the word school to me in high school I would have said “hell” in response. Now, when I think of school, I think of life. My life currently basically revolves around school and film.
7. Religion: I’m a cultural Jew. I love the fact that I have Jewish roots and am a part of a greater community of Jewish people, but I do not believe in the philosophy of organized religion. I believe in G-d, but I have my own concept of what that means, and as I experience life, and learn more about the world, that concept changes and grows. I have an interesting background in religion and because of it I am very tolerant. My grandfather is a Roman Catholic priest and my mom is a religious school teacher and nurse, who was a medic in the Israeli army. She has raised me that learning is the key to understanding, and I am fascinated by the core beliefs of other religions. The problem I have with organized religion is that it tends to be about politics, and politics by nature corrupts.
8. Government: A ruling body. However, in this case, I do believe you mean our own government. I live in the United States of America and I am a democrat. That should be enough of an answer, but I will elaborate for you, because this is an application after all. The biggest problem I have with the United States government right now is actually not our president, but the fact that our system of checks and balances is being undermined. The Republican Party holds majority in every aspect of our government. George W. Bush has violated the rights given to us in the Bill of Rights and has passed the Patriot Act, WITH congress’ consent. This is an action that I personally perceive has highly illegal, yet no one in a position of power is doing anything about it.
9. Beauty: Life. Life is beautiful and without your life you would never be able to experience any of the beauty the world has to offer. Society tends to define human physical beauty by location and time period, but I think beauty is something each person sees in a different light. Besides, beauty is everywhere around you. I live in Chicago, and I find the architecture to be stunning here. The Art Institute is only a 10 min walk away, and it is filled with beauty. I can walk to the lake front and see the beauty of the water or go to Millennium Park and see how wondrous nature and manmade art can look combined.
10. Love: The greatest gift you can give and the greatest gift you can be given. Love is what binds us and makes us whole. Self love is the most important love of them all. Few people really truly love themselves. It has been something I have been working hard on for most of my life.
11. Sports: Entertainment and physical activity. I played water polo and was a swimmer for 3 years of high school. However, sports are supposed to be FUN. Too many people today seem to forget that. Also, sports stars should be honored, because it takes a great deal of work and practice and training, but the salaries they get are shameful. No one should make that much money for playing a sport. I do not understand that at all.
12. Media: Our salvation and our damnation. Media influences society to an extreme extent. In some ways this is fabulous and good because it has allowed many more people to be educated on a vast array of issues, ideas, subjects, and topics, but in many ways, our society has become a slave to media. However, attending art school, I have learned to view all media in its glory as an art form, and it is truly beautiful. The influence of media can be used for good or for bad, but it is its impact that astounds me the most.

[ Education ]

13. What grade are you in? I’m a freshman in college
14. Grade Point Average? We have a weird schedule, so I don’t know yet and won’t for a couple of weeks.
15. Do you believe that GPA/school grades reflect a person's true intelligence? I don’t think it does at all. Albert Einstein failed math.
16. Greatest educational achievement?
I got an 800 on my SAT II in math. That’s a perfect score. I think that is the most proud of myself I have ever been about something related to my education.
17. Describe the best teacher you've ever had, and why you believe they were: Life. Interesting answer, no? However, the most accurate one I can give you. In the past year and a half alone, life has taught me more about the world and about dealing with myself and others and how to make myself start on the path to happiness. Life is unforgiving and always changing. It is a harsh teacher, but because of this, you learn so much, as long as you are able to learn from your mistakes and as long as you don’t let yourself remain broken.

[ Scenarios ]

18. There is a massive heat wave predicted by scientists within the next year, and you're on the council to find a way to prevent it. How will you do this?
Nature was not meant for humanity to tame. I don’t think that it would be preventable. However, you can take measures to protect and help the people during the heat wave.
19. You're stuck in a room with a kerosene lamp, a gas stove, and a fireplace…you only have one match. Which will you light first? The gas stove. Gas burns more clearly that wood and it would provide the same amount of warmth the fireplace would. You don’t need the light to remain physically healthy, but you do need the heat.
20. Your house is on fire, and the only exit is blocked. What do you do? Whip out my cell phone and call for help. The fire department is only a few blocks away. I would huddle on the ground in a place where I will be able to hear them when they come, but is safest. However, I’ve never been in a fire, and fire scares me greatly, it is one of my big fears, so I probably would panic and am not sure what would actually happen. But that would be the best thing for me to do.

[ Favorites ]

21. Books: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, it is one of the most beautifully written science fiction books revolving around a child that I have ever read. I love the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton as well, because they have a strong woman protagonist with realistic personal flaws in a fantasy world, and I have a vampire fetish. Of course, I can’t leave out the Harry Potter series, as I live and breathe those books.
22. Subjects (in school): Currently I would have to say Development and Preproduction, though the last class for that one was on Monday. However, I enjoyed it greatly, and though it was a great deal of work, it never felt like actual work, because I was doing something I love to do.
23. Movies: I’m a film student, so this would be a massive list if I named all of my favorite movies it would take up massive amounts of space, so I’ll only list a few. Donnie Darko, Garden State, Boondock Saints, Finding Neverland, the Lion King, and Fight Club are a few of my favorites.
24. Invention in the history of mankind:
My personal favorite would have to be the internet, because it is a large part of my life and has allowed me to communicate with people I would never be able to know otherwise. However, if I had to say what I think the greatest invention of mankind was, I would say the written word. I don’t really think that needs an explanation. Without the written word, we wouldn’t have the knowledge that we have today, and we most assuredly wouldn’t have anything representing a democratic government for a large population. Also, the internet wouldn’t have even been invented if we hadn’t had the written word.
25. Day of your life: Too hard of a question. I don’t have one. Besides the fact that I remember things in moments, not really in time frames, so that “day” part alone would be a problem for me. However, I really don’t have one day that stands out as my favorite day. There are moments spread out over different days that I might say were my favorite moments, but no favorite day.

[ Other ]

26. Please promote our community in one place where it is legal to & provide a link: slayergurl_icon
27. Provide one clear picture of yourself (optional) (you will not be rated upon appearance): This was optional, and I don’t really like posting pictures of myself on the net. Not because of what I think people will say or think, but because of the whole personal privacy thing, I think. I will however give you a picture of my tattoo, which has great personal meaning to me. Remember how I said that life was my greatest teacher? This is a reminder to me of why I think that and to always remain spiritually strong. It's from my favorite poem, which I wrote.

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