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Am I elite?

[ Basic ]

1. Name:
2. Age: 15
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: Mount Vernon, Kentucky
5. Hobbies: Reading, poetry, music, movies, independent films, Shakespeare, classic music and movies

[ Elaborate on the following (At least 2 sentences, be original) ]

6. School:
Alot of people I know have started slacking since we've been in high school. This, I think, is an act of pure apathy, and it really frustrates me the way some of my friends suddenly don't care anymore. I think it's great to keep on trying and try to be the best, most intelligent person you can be, but I also try my hardest not to get too stressed out and still have fun.
7. Religion: I'll be honest. Religion isn't really a big part of my life. Sometimes, I do believe their is a higher power, but other times.. I feel somewhat let down. I feel that if there was a God, then there wouldn't be so much corruption going on in the world today. I don't know, I guess I'm still trying to figure things out in the religion department.
8. Government: I think that our government is doing a good job protecting our rights, and while I'm not a big supporter of George Bush, I do think he did a good job leading our country during the time of the attack on the WTC. I suppose that I would respect Bush a lot more if he wasn't so conservative, as I have many liberal beliefs, but after all, he is a Republican, and I can respect that.
9. Beauty: Is in the eye of the beholder. Someone can be so blatantly ugly to one person, but beautiful to another. It's how you feel about the person. Someone can be the ugliest person in the world with a great personality and still be beautiful. The prettiest person in the world can be ugly if they have an ugly personality.
10. Love: Love makes the world go 'round. Whether it's love for your friends and family or love for your significant other, love makes you. It repairs you, it strengthens you. It allows you to be yourself without worrying about other's opinions, because the ones that matter love you no matter what.

11. Sports: I am not really into sports, but I think they're a great way to keep in shape and make new friends. I am very against taking away academic funding for sports.
12. Media: The media promotes alot of really bad habits. And I'd like to think that it's a part of the reason there are so many problems going on in our country today, but I will admit that I am just as entertained by the media as anyone else.

[ Education ]

13. What grade are you in?
14. Grade Point Average? 4.125
15. Do you believe that GPA/school grades reflect a person's true intelligence? I believe that people's GPA does reflect their intelligence for the most part. Alot of people are very intelligent, but are too lazy and apathetic to apply themselves. So, no, it doesn't completely reflect the person, but for the most part, it does represent them quite well, because if you're intelligent, aren't you intelligent enough to apply yourself?
16. Greatest educational achievement? I don't think I've really had that many yet. I've won numerous spelling bees and scored all proficient/distinguised on last years state tests. In years to come, I'm hoping to maintain a 4.0 GPA and graduate with honors.
17. Describe the best teacher you've ever had, and why you believe they were: I think the best teacher I've ever had was my Social Studies teacher last year, Mrs. Martin. She encouraged us all to be the best person we could be, and she was a great teacher too. She made everything seem mystical, and it wasn't hard to listen to her, and she was one of the nicest people I've ever known.

[ Scenarios ]

18. There is a massive heat wave predicted by scientists within the next year, and you're on the council to find a way to prevent it. How will you do this?
Try and find a way to reverse global warming. I honestly don't know.
19. You're stuck in a room with a kerosene lamp, a gas stove, and a fireplace…you only have one match. Which will you light first? The fireplace.
20. Your house is on fire, and the only exit is blocked. What do you do? Pray, or make a new one. Climb out a window.

[ Favorites ]

21. Books:
The Bell Jar, Lovely Bones, and Dreamland.
22. Subjects (in school): Math and English.
23. Movies: Cherry Falls, 10 Things I Hate About You.
24. Invention in the history of mankind: Wow, that really is a hard question to answer. I'd have to say electricity, because I really can't imagine my life without electronics.
25. Day of your life: The day that I fell in love with Mike.

[ Other ]

26. Please promote our community in one place where it is legal to & provide a link:
27. Provide one clear picture of yourself (optional) (you will not be rated upon appearance):

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