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Will someone be able to lend a helping hand or some ideas for me??

I need to know if the members of this community agree that classical music improves one's learning abilities and rate of comprehending information. With your permission i would like to use this in a project iam doing for extra credit. Any and All ideas welcome!!!
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Subjects are overrated.

This seems like a good place to discuss this.

With vegetarians, what's their motive for being vegetarian?
To save 'innocent' animals?
I don't quite understand this.
One, they are still killing 'innocent' living things! Hello, plants are alive!
Two, it's called the Food Chain people. It's science. It's how we survive. Are you telling me we are the only animals that eat other animals?

Someone explain this to me.
Or just share your own opinion. :]
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Let's get moving!

Hey guys. :]

This is Melissa, for those of you who don't know me.
I'm about to go around and promote like crazy. I think this could be a really fun community if it was more active. I think we need to do more then just accept and reject people. Sure, we only have a few people, but we're an opinionated bunch, couldn't we have a themed post or something of the sort? I think people contemplating applying would be more likely to apply then also.
Mods, what do you think?

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Sorry to be a pest at 1.25 am Kyle, but you forgot to add me to the accepted/rejected/banned list. Just wanted to remind u. Just do it when u get around to it. No Hurry..

Thanks and sorry

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Being accepted into the society i just wanted to say thanks for all u diverse voters who voted for me and against me... thanks

Your help is/was/will be very much appreciated. Forgive the error of my ways as i could not fix the bold word problems, due to several different reasons, that i am not willing to go into detail about. I promise u i will do the best i can to let that never happen again. Thanks to Kyle Meade for setting up that application with some of the bold problems fixed. Thanks to Heidi for inspiring me to join. Thanks Again...to all who voted