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to xoxo_anna !!!


Thanks for updating...sorry this community hasnt been very active lately, but we are working on it...please everyone should be posting like anna! THANKS anna for helping to keep this community alive!

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hey girlies!!!!
im leaving forDC on tuesday
and this weekend its all about
make up work and packing!!!
its alright its worth it
so what you girlies doing this weekend???
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hello girls!   i was bored so i figured i wud say hi!! and i hope stef has an AWESOME time on her cruise, trina has the best time in clearwater and stina has tons of fun in dc! ill miss you!! and mal..well have fun at home lol :) ill miss you too!! and everyone else, of course!!! and i also did a little promoting..heres where - if you want proof::




so. who wants to be member of the week? i do! i do!! lol


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hey guys great day

o btw i wanna be member of the week


anyways am i aloud to promote my community in here or no???? cause i have one but i wasnt sure.. so get back to me on that


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Heyy guysss sorry i havnt written anything lately ive been kinda busy i hope everyones new year went great mine did!! well im out guys love you all
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Hello Ladies!

I just wanted to say a quick hey and see what everyones up to... so what is everyone doing this weekend? i know stef is going on a cruise and lauren is in NC..  ((go figure))  and I will be in Clearwater ((Heck Yess!))  Comment byotches.       <333 K

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