Anna Mariela (miapapaya) wrote in the_clique_,
Anna Mariela


Location: Sarasota
Gender: GIRL

Favorite bands (atleast 3): vanessa carlton ilove her, um the killers yess, and uhh gwen stefani?
Favorite colors: green blue pink yellow black white
Favorite books (atleast 3): speak, echo, and gossip girls
Favorite foods: uhh... toffee is good, u know that like candy stuff
Favorite movies (atleast 3): the notebook, what dreams may come, napolean
Hobbies: crew is my life right now. i dont have friends or and talentsand i suck at school. only my mom loves me
What do you like about yourself?: my butt and my freeness
What don't you like about yourself?: my boobs my insecurities
Views on abortion: whatever... i wont be faced with that question ever so um... IM PRO CHOICE
Tell a story that will make us laugh : haha um once my friend farted out the window and her little sister started gagging iot smelled so bad and it was omg so funny she started crying... thats somenasty shiat
Why do you want to be accepted?: i love all theseppl and want to be cool
Promote somewhere YOU MUST SHOW LINK:

*Do you agree to post twice a week and promote at least once? ( If you do not do this during the week you will automatically banned, unless you have let a mod know that you will be unable to post.)*: YESSS

THIS IS THE FUN PART: POST ATLEAST 3 CLEAR PICTURES OF YOURSELF: ut oh latercan i? you all knwo what ilook like. i will as soon as i can my comp here just wont let me

<33333333 anna mumfordddddd
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