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[28 Oct 2005|05:20pm]

Here's the info:
• Good Shirts are $5.00 each
• Crap-Pile Shirts are $2.50 each
• Buy two Good Shirts, get a free Literary Magazine
• Buy a Literary Magazine for three dollars and get a free shirt

Who's selling?
• First Lunch: Vincent, Tasha, Erin
• Second Lunch: Amy & Company, John
• Third Lunch: Katie, Becky

Any questions? Please ask!
Also, if you're willing to help sell, THEN YAY PLEASE DO. :D
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Poetry Contest for interested students. [26 Oct 2005|10:57pm]


For teens, ages 12 to 18

Prizes will be awarded for 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place & Honorable Mention.

Winners will be announced on December 15, 2005.

First through Third place winners will be displayed on the library’s website and will be sent on to the national Voice of Youth Advocates Teen Poetry Contest. All entered poems will be displayed at each location of the Lexington Public Library.

Contest submission may be a poem of up to thirty lines on any topic. One entry per person, please.

Attach a completed entry form to your piece of poetry and bring or mail your entry to any location of the Lexington Public Library.

Also, remember, Governor's School for the Arts Applications are due before the end of December, and it's a good idea to be starting to put your manuscript together.
tell it slant

[14 Oct 2005|07:19pm]

Hey, what was the day that we decided for the Undergrounds? December 19th or something??
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Box Party, Tie Dye Day Announcements 1 [12 Oct 2005|11:23pm]

The Date is 10-14-05, Friday.

October 14th, Friday. As today is Wednesday the 12th, Thursday must be the 13th, and Friday must be the 14th.

Anyway, from Noon to 4 is what we have planned for the Tie-Dye/Box Party. Becky's Grandmother's House, near Ned's house, IM me for details or see the next F-Only Entry.
tell it slant

Just a reminder of what all we need to have on the Tie-Dye and Box Party Day [10 Oct 2005|06:17pm]

1. Boxes of Rit Dye(get 2 of one color if its a dark color) We currently have 1 of Orange and Purple, 2 of Black, and green and blue were volunteered to obtain by Amy and/or Cara

2. Large Metal Forks/Spoons for Stirring(Big salad spoon type, meat fork type, or even just something really long like a big old metal rod)

3. BUCKETS!!! (AS MANY AS POSSIBLE WE DO NEED!) We have ~15-20 buckets people already have said could be obtained, but that's kinda boosted up by Vincent's claimage, so yeah. Just bring as many as you can find.

4. Turkey Basters(Also Important) We need about 1 per person/colour

5. Vinegar (Any Kind will do)

6. Also we're looking for ~6 boxes and soem scizzors and a roll or two of duct-tape for the box party aspect.

Though you'll want to bring decorative items if you wanna embellish 'em, b/c I know there'll be wrapping paper, but past that I don't know what'll be there. I'm gonna drop off three boxes over there during the week.

And yeah, we're having a MEETING WEDNESDAY AFTER SCHOOL REAL QUICK NOMORE THAN SAY 5-10 MINUTES For Discussing the activities of this 4-day weekend. And even if you can't get together at Becky's Grandmother's house, supplies are still very much appreciated/probably needed.

I'm probably going to get some pink and red rit dye myself.
tell it slant

Hello friends! [25 Sep 2005|11:29pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

It's Hailey C. Shannon! Yes, that one! I was in this club in my days at the old school of Henry Clay! What have you guys been up to, I'd love to hear from you!

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[23 Sep 2005|07:29pm]

So. Box-making was amusing today. Don't even try to deny it :P

I was listening to some podcasts, and had a stupid, but I guess cool, idea. Every other week, we should take some of everybody's writing, and make a podcast out of it. We just read whatever we want to, and broadcast to the world what awesome writers we have at Henry Clay.

...okay, so I have no clue how we'd go about that. But it'd still be neat. Yeah? Haha.

(Maybe we could all record it onto our computers, and then e-mail it to somebody who would then put it into one? Haha. I'm too into my funky ideas.)

Yes, I'll leave before you all throw tomatoes at me.

What is podcasting?
You don't need an iPod for it, you actually don't even need iTunes (although it's recommended). There are other ways in which to listen to Podcasts, such as Odeo and Podnova.

It's a really neat thing, I listen to two podcasts religiously, hehe.
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As the meeting of the GSA's proponents has been axed by Nochta.

So, bring your boxes and ideas and we'll be putting out the traps for some student lit.
tell it slant

The Long Anticipated Flagship Tell It Slantly snippet. I call it "The Jesus Poo" but it's untitled. [15 Sep 2005|09:40pm]

A man gets up. The man goes to take a crap. He tries to flush the toilet but he hears a voice. A deep thundering voice that commands him not to flush. He looks down and it's Jesus' face on a turd.
"What!" says the man
"It is I your lord and savior" said the turd "I have come back for your souls"
"But Lord, why are you on a turd?"
"Because the world is full of shit and I am the essence of the world."

By Anthony Taylor
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Meeting Summary Sept. 9, 2005 [10 Sep 2005|11:14pm]

Jokay. This week went better- thank you guys.

Meeting outline-> Sept. 9, 2005

I. Katrina Donations
   A. Donate money from Lunch (Change collections)
      1. Proceeds go to the American Red Cross
      2. We voted to help out at Lunch
      3. Encourage people to donate, our reputation as a club is important and this helps it.
   B. Give ideas and suggestions for Hurricane relief to John Duffee (email: Coidzy@gmail.com)
      1. Work at Lexington Hurricane Shelters
         a. Work for 2-3 hours as volunteer
             i. Becky Hightower, Mrs. Kinner to make contacts (Already suggested- Crestwood Christian Curch on Bellafonte)
   C. Possibly donate LitMag sales
      2. A portion of this year's sales
      3. All sales from old magazines from last year (Now $1.50 - that's half off!!!)

II. Alotted Space by Nochta for Master Schedule
   A. Located in Yellow Hallway (exact space yet unknown to us)

III. Flyers
   A. Erin Green volunteered to draw
   B. Avoid Anime/Manga/Anarchy, etc.
   C. Following volunteered to design (Please meet in Kinner's room next week for a brief meeting)
      1. Becky Hightower
      2. Erin Green
      3. Cara Dunham
      4. Amy Hunt
   D. If you choose, be sure to include "Tell It Slant" !!!NOT!!! "Henry Clay Literary Magazine" as we are not part of the school

IV. Tye-dyes
   A. Everyone is expected to buy one box of Rit brand Dye
   B. Mrs. Kinner volunteered to supply the shirts
   C. We will meet sometime in October
      1. Preferably the long weekend in October (Oct. 13-16)
      2. She'll feed us
      3. She'll wash the shirts

V. Undergrounds
   A. December 2 is tentative date
   B. Finally, NOT AT HENRY CLAY! (No Officer Tombs!!!! :D :D :D)
      1. Suggestions for places is needed
         a. YMCA?
         b. 4H?

VI. Submission Boxes
   A. They've all dissapeared in the English rooms
   B. We want one in every English room
   C. We are making boxes on the 23 OF SEPTEMBER please bring (a) box(es)
      1. Can be bought somewhere
      2. Check small places, if they'll give you extra boxes they have from shipping/merchandise/etc.
   D. Possibly giving extra credit for sumission (and/or selection)

VII. Misc.
   A. Check out LiveJournal for announcements, obviously you've made it here.
   B. Gallery Hop on September 16
      1. Afterward, a Poetry Slam will be from 8-10 pm at (cafe place lost right now... it's on Maxwell street across from Rupp, I'll find it and post it)
         a. Proceeds to go to Hurricane Relief

VIII. Readers
   A. The Infamous Shit Story.
   B. Cara Dunham- Romeo and Juliet Poem
   C. Joke by Cara Dunham

IX. Adjurn


Yea, I took notes. Hopefully I remember to do this every time too- could be useful. I forgot the name of the Cafe that will be hosting, but I'll find it and post that and directions hopefully tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for a successful meeting. We dropped a substantial number (Forgot the signin sheet, so those stats are rough), and that's not a good thing. It might have been my yelling... But I'll not do that. We also didn't have any food. That's boring, and we encourage people to bring food (you may store it in Mrs. Kinner's room in the morning in case you don't have a place for it).

Notes from above in case you didn't read:

- Bring food to meetings
- Poetry slam after Gallery Hop
- Bring dye
- Bring boxes to decorate next meeting.

Thank you!
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Tell it Slant Shing. Yes the one you all hated. [25 Aug 2005|11:27pm]

YarrCollapse )
tell it slant

First Lit Mag meeting of the year!!! [19 Aug 2005|09:47pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Yep, it's that time again!! So, all interested memebers:

When: This coming friday

Where: Ms. Kinner's room

Time: 3:30-4:30

Please, please be there, people!!! We need good attendance!!! I will hunt you down and beat you with dead sticks...j/k!!

Seriously, come.

tell it slant

New Year! [17 Aug 2005|04:40pm]

Yaay! New year, new stuff and FRESHMANS!!! (freshmen?)
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[10 Jun 2005|11:10pm]

[ mood | bored ]

And so we wait for next year to arrive!

And... an idea:

Poetry Slams/Open Mics at Java Jive!

I'm pretty sure the owner would be up for it. And if she's unsure, Heather and I can convince her ^____^

Whaddy'all think?

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[18 May 2005|09:02pm]

I am following Dan Bernitt's mailing list, and in the last update, he attatched the following message at the bottom:

"PS: Know of any gay and lesbian artists (any art form: dance, visual art, instrumental music, vocal music, creative writing, film, theatre, fire-breathing and whatnot) in Kentucky? E-mail queerartists@danbernitt.com with information on their work and how to contact them. I'm looking to start a Queer Artist Alliance in Lexington and have a performance/exhibition gala in Spring 2007."

I am a male bisexual writer/poet, and I live in the Lexington area....could I be of any help to your group? I also know some friends that are of alternative oreintations..."


"Hi there,

Absolutely! While I'm still trying to figure out all of the details and start working on this organization, I would love to have you exhibit your work in some way. I'm hoping for the work to be as non-juried as possible -- I want to give as many people in our community a chance. As for literary arts, there will likely be an open-mic/organized reading of some kind. I just got off the phone with Ellen Hagan (straight ally and Def Poet); she's interested in leading some workshops.

The Queer Artist Alliance is going to be modeled after different artist conferences, with a weekend of exhibitions and performances -- likely in the spring of 2007. Yes, two years away, but I'm hoping the event will work out.

If you could send me some more information about your work and maybe forward this message to your GLBT friends, that'd be wonderful.

Thanks for your interest! Keep in touch!

Dan Bernitt
Sawyer House Productions

tell it slant

[18 May 2005|04:46pm]

From Dan Bernitt:

"Hey folks,

It's been a hectic couple of months recently, and this summer will be even more hectic -- with performances. Just a quick update for what's been going on recently: at the beginning of March, the University of Kentucky held its first annual V-Day performance of The Vagina Monologues; I served as the director for the show. I am proud to announce that those performances combined raised over $4000 for The Women's Place, a campus organization dedicated to ending violence against women, and nearly 700 people were in attendance. At the end of that month I was invited to perform alongside one of my mentors, Shayla Lawson, at the Kentucky Women Writers Conference's Sex and the Country dinner with Candace Bushnell. (And, goodness, do I have stories to tell.)

April and May have, so far, been slow as I have been preparing for this summer. My solo show, Moments of Disconnect, has been selected for inclusion in two (2!) fringe festivals. For those who don't know, the fringe festivals were started in Scotland and were created to offer performance space and options to artists not selected for Scotland's mainstage theatre festivals. What the artists decided to do was head to the fringes of the town to start their own festival -- thus the fringe festival. The idea has popped up around the world, offering a venue for artists who aren't necessary mainstream to exhibit their work. I've been selected to be in two of America's seven fringe festivals. Thanks to a generous grant from the folks at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts, I'll be able to perform without any financial concern.

This summer I will appear in Cincinnati and Provincetown. Below is information on ticketing and directions.

June 2-4, 8, 10, 2005 - Cincinnati, OH
Memorial Hall, 1225 Elm Street
Tickets: $10
(Presented by the Cincinnati Fringe Festival)

* Thursday, June 2 - 8:00 pm
* Friday, June 3 - 10:00 pm
* Saturday, June 4 - 5:00 pm
* Wednesday, June 8 - 10:00 PM ***(LOCATION CHANGE: Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, 1127 Vine Street)***
* Friday, June 10 - 8:00 pm

( Get Tickets ) and ( Get Directions )


July 22-23, 26-30, 2005 - Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Inn
Tickets: $15/$12 - 9 PM nightly
(Presented by the Provincetown Fringe Festival)

The Provincetown Inn is a small, intimate venue, so be sure to arrive early. The Inn is also wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned, and offers free parking. Also available each night are free refreshments (like wine, seltzer, and lollipops.) Tickets are available online, by calling 508.487.2666, or at the Aquarium Mall (209 Commercial Street) between noon and 8 PM, and at the door. To order tickets online, check out the link below.

( Get Tickets ) and ( Get Directions )


Order your tickets early -- and stock up on gas while prices are low(er)! Also this summer I will be performing with comedian Bernie Lubbers and R&B singer Robbie Bartlett. The dates are still being confirmed, but the cities we're planning to hit are Louisville, Lexington, and Newport. I'll keep you updated.
Thanks, folks. You all have been a tremendous help over the past couple years, and I really do thank you for the support and encouragement.

Take care and drink your water,
Dan Bernitt
and the staff of Sawyer House Productions
(yes, there's now a staff!)

[[Check out www.danbernitt.com for the most up-to-date information.]]

PS: Know of any gay and lesbian artists (any art form: dance, visual art, instrumental music, vocal music, creative writing, film, theatre, fire-breathing and whatnot) in Kentucky? E-mail queerartists@danbernitt.com with information on their work and how to contact them. I'm looking to start a Queer Artist Alliance in Lexington and have a performance/exhibition gala in Spring 2007."

I <3 Dan Bernitt....
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Magazine Published! [12 May 2005|09:16pm]

WRETCHED HOG: literary magazines!!!!
Iecerint: is done?!?!
Iecerint: ios here?!?!?
WRETCHED HOG: yyeysyesyesyes
Iecerint: so many lil ppl have been like lucas when are we having a meeting agai9n!!!
Iecerint: :-(
Iecerint: ADAM
Iecerint: that is not appropiorate ATTUTIUTDE
WRETCHED HOG: tell them come to ms kinners room tomorrow after school to get some mags
Iecerint: you should nurture the lil ppl
Iecerint: ok
WRETCHED HOG signed off at 9:16:20 PM.

So that's the situation. The poor boy exhibits very poor form, but thank him for the work he's put into publishing it, right? Anyway, as he says, come to pick up some magazines from Ms. Kinner to sell to Henry Clay students throughout the day.

Be good. Do not be bad.
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[03 May 2005|09:24pm]

Heyyy, question.

Did the magazine get published yet?

Yeah... dumb question, I should probably already know, but, um, I don't. Thanks... XD

Curiosity did NOT kill the cat. I swear. It just sprained the cat's ankle.
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Important: Submissions [20 Apr 2005|11:19pm]

Basically, here is a conversation I had with Mr. Adam Michel.

WRETCHED HOG: hey will you e-mail me your submission(s) to literary magazine
WRETCHED HOG: whichever things you'd like in there
Iecerint: umm
Iecerint: ya i guess so
Iecerint: which address?
WRETCHED HOG: adammm@gmail.com
WRETCHED HOG: if you speak to any other lit mag people online please tell them to do the same
WRETCHED HOG: (they can send to tellitslant@gmail.com)
Iecerint: i'll put it in the livejournal community
WRETCHED HOG: awesome1

Remember to note appropriate content length and so on. You guys probably have some pieces selected by now. Hope to see everyone published!
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Poetry! ^^;;; [20 Mar 2005|12:02am]


just telling you all that I typed up a TON of poetry...and I'd really like it if people could look through it and tell me what could be done better, what they think, which ones they like the best, etc. I'd post it here, but I wanted to keep the spacing I did in Rich-Text, and when you switch to Rich-Text, it makes the "post to" field dissappear down below. Sorry!

http://www.livejournal.com/users/ciscomatisse/73853.html <--Here!
tell it slant

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