John (coidzor) wrote in tellitslant_,


It's at Jessica's House. 209 Ridgeway Road.

Which is off of Fontaine.

Basically, you go the opposite direction down Fontaine as if you were going to school, and you drie past the intersection of Fontaine and Chinoe and then you take the first right turn you can and she's the 1st or 2nd house on the left. It has big old White Columns/Pillars and a fairly big porch.

I estimate from 1:00pm to 4:30 pm will be the run time.

We will mainly be doing planning for how to implement after Winter Break ends and what to do over Winter Break.

But we will also be doing some work, nothing too strenuous though. I'll bring some posterboards and materia in case anyone has a burning desire to create anything.

Bring any cardboard boxes you still have left around for submission boxes, any concept art/posters you came up with for advertising Undergrounds/or anything Lit. Mag. related, and some supplies but we should have some.

Addy is 209 Ridgeway Road.

NOTE!: Feel Free to bring music in the form of either CDs or Vinyl Records. Sorry, no tapeplayers to my knowledge. ALSO THERE WILL BE SNACKS!! FEEL FREE TO BRING YOUR OWN AS YOU PROBABLY HATE MY TASTE IN SNACKS!

Call me: 266-8582 for additional details/questions/comments/concerns!!!!!!
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