Chungyen Alice Chang (ciscomatisse) wrote in tellitslant_,
Chungyen Alice Chang

So yes. No Lit Mag meeting today.

Let's have an online meeting.

some writing ideas...

-story from the perspective of the opposing gender.
-stream of consciousness. how are you feeling today?
-write a sonnet.
-pick a poet you like and try to imitate their style or form.
-write a story about the town you live in.
-write something from the perspective of a member of your family, or a friend.
-rent some movies, and write down what you think of while watching them. food works well at the same time. ;)
-write a poem for your significant other.
-write a poem for a friend.
-write a story and try to imitate one of your fav authors.
-write a desciption of your room.
-pick an object (anything at all), and create an entire story that revolves around it. (Red Violin, anyone?)
-rewrite a scene from a movie.
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