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Lucas Listu!

Okay We Need:

1. Bands(We have ~5-6, and this includes single performers, etc.) = Semi-Check

2. Concessions(Apparently we get the most profit offa these) = Slightly Check?

3. Coffee Machine/s = Unknown

4. Filters for aforesaid coffee machines if we go with 'em (I think these'd probably prove useful'd) = I'm pretty sure this is easily covered.

5. Popcorn Machine (Cheap way to make alot of it for some mass sales) = Unknown(In Progress?)

6. Electrical/Sound Equipment(Need to check with the bands for what they use, what they'll be bringing with them, and what we'll need to see if we can provide for them) = Unknown

7. Lights!!!! (This and the Electrical/Sound Equipment go kinda together) = Unknown

8. Raffle Items(So far we have 2 purses from Third Street Stuff, kindly donated by the proprietor Ms. Pat Gerard{Gerhard?}) = Semi-Check

9. (shoe)Boxes for storing the Raffle Tickets = Semi-Check(I know Jessica has 2 in her car all the time, and I've got a couple.)

10. PIZZA!!!!!(Along with Popcorn, great sales) = Still Need to find a deal/sponsor

11. Pastry type deals (Like pizza only not as uber-stressed) = Semi-Check(~5 dozen from Krispy Kreme?)

12. Announcer/MC(s?) = We need to hash out our system for this.

13. Gauge Groups for how long they can play and are willing to play(time-slotwise) = Need to rank the groups and then assign times such as 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2 hour(if they're the barmb and can last it).

14. Get Contact Info for the Bands, Members of Bands so we can contact them for last minute changes, get in touch, find out where they are the day/night of Undergrounds!!! = Really need to do this pronto as this was a problem for last year, sorta.

15. Security/Chaperones = We need to find some adults/parents willing to come and stay for at least an hour or two in different shifts

16. Volunteers to help set up/be security = People trustworthy enough for some security, but mainly just people to help set up and break down(Had some people ask about volunteering to help out, mainly Amber Hatton, ex-g/f extrodinaire)

17. Stamps or some other, better way of physically telling if someone's paid = Unknown, REALLY IMP.

18. ADVERTISING BLITZ!!!!!!!! = UBER IMPORTANT!!!! I, Vincent, Becky, anyone with a good printer/ability to steal ink from work/parents' work(s) need to start with fliers and we also need to contact WRFL(Radio Free Lexington or sommat) Lucas said a one Wes would be the best person to talk to, but we had to make sure to mention that 1. it was located at Arts Place and 2. that it'd be a Public Service Announcemnt(PSA)

19. Strongbox/Moneybox = Check

20. Someone with the tech expertise to do lights and sound = Somewhat check as long as we don't get complicated, mainly this is something to think about once we figure out what we have to work with location wise.

21. Find out what Arts Place can provide for us Electric/Sound/Table/Chair-wise.

22. I'm going to email Vincent and Becky the contact info for Baily Scott and Adam Michel(two previous leaders) so we're going to be discussing/begging for advice/guidance from them. Also I'm going to give Wes of WRFL's Number to Vincent. As unfortunately I can't do it as I'm in a bit of a tissy right now and am being yelled at to get out the door and probably forgetting something.

Current Rough Time: ~7:30-11:30(Show itself) We'll probably be setting up from ~4-5 and on and definitely be there until after 12.

Also an idea was discussed for everyone to bring a 2 Litre Soda and styrofoam and plastic cups(for coffee, soda respectively). I've donated some plates to the cause already. So yeah, Cups and Plates main utensil-eating tool type things
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