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Undergrounds as of Nov. 18-- 29 DAYS LEFT

    Hey everybody! We had an awesome meeting, and did a good job keeping together after the fire alarm fiasco.

    Ms. Kinner had a valid point- if we don't get our act together, we won't have Undergrounds. Wouldn't that be terribly embarassing?! Well, we settled down and got to work, and got some serious progress! Good going!

  • Several of you volunteered to help with flyers. We want to post around school, around our neighborhoods and downtown; however, in order for us to do that, we need to assemble an army of printers! Mine works, but isn't great, so anyone interested email the wonderful person in charge- Amy at ketchup.girl@gmail.com

Okay, next. Here is a list of places we thought of to call and the status thereof:
  • Mondelli Bakery- Amy still to report
  • Magees- We need to send a letter for stuff, a follow-up reminder letter, and then call on the 17th to insure readiness, pickup for good on Dec. 17th @ 2pm
  • CD Central- I'll call back to speak with Steve Baron; unlikely to donate
  • Papa Jones (unknown location)- Bad pizza offer- 10 large 1 topping for $8 apiece
  • DiNK's- Going there this Sunday at noon to finalize plans (myself and Josh O.)
  • Third Street Stuff- I'm going on Monday/Tuesday to pick up merchandise
  • Squecial- Call back Monday to reach Mary Morgan; unlikely to donate
  • Krispy Kreme- 10 dozen glazes, 5 dozen assorted; pickup Dec. 17th @ 3pm
  • Jo-Beth- Awaiting report
  • Fazoli's- Awaiting report
  • Natasha's Cafe- Call back at some time for owner, I'll do that
  • EW James & Son- plates, cups, plasticwares
  • Co-op- Awaiting report
  • Jonk- Awaiting report
  • Pop Culture- I'm by there Sunday
We also had two people who sang for us today, Chealsea Chavis and April Edwards.

We ran out of time and didn't get a chanse to listen to the new CD- we'll do that next week, though.

After the meeting, I heard concerns regarding Chealsea's singing from some people. I think it might be prudent to vote on whether or not she would be able to perform; however, understand we can't really afford to turn down people.

Uhmmm... We need to call the Arts Place and request a visit of the place this will be held. Ms. Kinner I don't think got the reason we went there- we went there to see what we have to work with, not to double-check her. In order to organize this and coordinate, we need to know what the space is like. I know that I would be able to work lights if nobody else will- or if they have someone there or not, I don't know.

Cara- Check and see about that popcorn machine! That would be AWESOME!

That's basically it. I'll be drafting a formal letter this weekend to give out to businesses to help our [already persuasive] arguments for donations. I'm emailing the Herald-Leader in a few minutes to go ahead and get us put in the newspaper!

Vital info:

Undergrounds hosted by the Henry Clay Literary Magazine: Tell It Slant
At Arts Place at 161 N. Mill St. in Lexington KY
from 7:30 - 11 PM (we can alter this, this is a rough estimate)

For donations:

Contact Vincent Purcell at 321-6857
or via email at Jadedoto@gmail.com
Give them the letter I'll post on this blog later.

I think that covers it! We'll see you all in 2 weeks (no school friday next week!), and we'll be getting some last minute things together!

Good luck to all of you who entered in the Reflections contest!!!!!!!

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