John (coidzor) wrote in tellitslant_,

Yo, This is the list Ms. Kinner got to me of past donators

Past Donations/Donators
(Concessions and Raffle Prizes, [and probably something or other as well])

1. Magees Bakery
2. Panera's (They bugged out on us last year at the last minute, who knows)
3. The Void
4. Sqecial Media
5. Eureka Pizza/Papa John's (Alternately I surmise)
6. CD Central
7. Bela Rose
8. Paisley Peacock's
9. Hellbillies (Hillbillies?)
10. Philp Galls
11. Mad Hatter

And we desperately need to prostelytize and recruit bands. There's a show at Beaumont this Saturday Even' and hopefully something will come out of that. I'm intending upon going but some prior commitments may require that I'll be out of town even that late, not too clear about that.

Anyway, Shoutouts to everyone entering a piece into the Reflections Contest! Tommorrow's like your last chance to mail it all in, they've got folders for the forms on the table in the counselling office right when you get in there.

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