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Just a reminder of what all we need to have on the Tie-Dye and Box Party Day

1. Boxes of Rit Dye(get 2 of one color if its a dark color) We currently have 1 of Orange and Purple, 2 of Black, and green and blue were volunteered to obtain by Amy and/or Cara

2. Large Metal Forks/Spoons for Stirring(Big salad spoon type, meat fork type, or even just something really long like a big old metal rod)

3. BUCKETS!!! (AS MANY AS POSSIBLE WE DO NEED!) We have ~15-20 buckets people already have said could be obtained, but that's kinda boosted up by Vincent's claimage, so yeah. Just bring as many as you can find.

4. Turkey Basters(Also Important) We need about 1 per person/colour

5. Vinegar (Any Kind will do)

6. Also we're looking for ~6 boxes and soem scizzors and a roll or two of duct-tape for the box party aspect.

Though you'll want to bring decorative items if you wanna embellish 'em, b/c I know there'll be wrapping paper, but past that I don't know what'll be there. I'm gonna drop off three boxes over there during the week.

And yeah, we're having a MEETING WEDNESDAY AFTER SCHOOL REAL QUICK NOMORE THAN SAY 5-10 MINUTES For Discussing the activities of this 4-day weekend. And even if you can't get together at Becky's Grandmother's house, supplies are still very much appreciated/probably needed.

I'm probably going to get some pink and red rit dye myself.
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