Amy (_effervescent) wrote in tellitslant_,

So. Box-making was amusing today. Don't even try to deny it :P

I was listening to some podcasts, and had a stupid, but I guess cool, idea. Every other week, we should take some of everybody's writing, and make a podcast out of it. We just read whatever we want to, and broadcast to the world what awesome writers we have at Henry Clay.

...okay, so I have no clue how we'd go about that. But it'd still be neat. Yeah? Haha.

(Maybe we could all record it onto our computers, and then e-mail it to somebody who would then put it into one? Haha. I'm too into my funky ideas.)

Yes, I'll leave before you all throw tomatoes at me.

What is podcasting?
You don't need an iPod for it, you actually don't even need iTunes (although it's recommended). There are other ways in which to listen to Podcasts, such as Odeo and Podnova.

It's a really neat thing, I listen to two podcasts religiously, hehe.
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