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Tell it Slant Shing. Yes the one you all hated.

Greetings and Salutations! The Literia-Magnaton Collective has selected you for enslavement. To facilitate greater ease in reprocessing, we have provided you with the following questions to better identify where your mind would best be disassembled and used as material to build up the Hive.

So please, tell us about yourself, put as much as you feel you need to in order to answer the question.

However, be warned and advised to keep this tasteful, you don’t have to be PC to the letter, or at least as stringently as in class, but you do need to be more towards PG than not. And remember, you’re to read these answers aloud, so be creative but not too overboard.

If you haven’t noticed, yes, we are referring to ourselves in the plural rather than the singular like we should. If kings and queens could do it, so can hive-minded organisms destined to rule the world. You’ll probably want to write the answers on another sheet of paper for legibility, space, and not hurting yourself.

1. In order for us to get a feel for your literary tastes, who are your top favourite author/s and what genres are they? What are your favourite genres to read? To write? Any authors or teacher types whom we can thank for influencing your style?

2. Please give us a sentence exemplifying your writing style. It may be as long as you want as long as it’s more or less grammatically sound, also please use Standard English. It’s best not to know why Accounting Division specified that.

3. We’d like you to let us know how you found out about us and why you decided to come more or less peaceably. Also, if your intention is to come fairly regularly, if you’d consider recruiting some others from amongst your social circle/group of friends/tribe.

4. What do you feel you can contribute, literary talents and other more subtle ones, to our motley crew of poets, short story writers, fantasy world twinks, grammar nazis, general hacks (and some hackzorz), writing enthusiasts, and assorted others who wield strange powers over words?

5. If you had a chance to add a question onto here, or if there’s a question you feel we’ve missed, what would that question be? Use your own words and/or style; you don't have to imitate ours (we're good like that).
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