Chungyen Alice Chang (ciscomatisse) wrote in tellitslant_,
Chungyen Alice Chang

I am following Dan Bernitt's mailing list, and in the last update, he attatched the following message at the bottom:

"PS: Know of any gay and lesbian artists (any art form: dance, visual art, instrumental music, vocal music, creative writing, film, theatre, fire-breathing and whatnot) in Kentucky? E-mail with information on their work and how to contact them. I'm looking to start a Queer Artist Alliance in Lexington and have a performance/exhibition gala in Spring 2007."

I am a male bisexual writer/poet, and I live in the Lexington area....could I be of any help to your group? I also know some friends that are of alternative oreintations..."


"Hi there,

Absolutely! While I'm still trying to figure out all of the details and start working on this organization, I would love to have you exhibit your work in some way. I'm hoping for the work to be as non-juried as possible -- I want to give as many people in our community a chance. As for literary arts, there will likely be an open-mic/organized reading of some kind. I just got off the phone with Ellen Hagan (straight ally and Def Poet); she's interested in leading some workshops.

The Queer Artist Alliance is going to be modeled after different artist conferences, with a weekend of exhibitions and performances -- likely in the spring of 2007. Yes, two years away, but I'm hoping the event will work out.

If you could send me some more information about your work and maybe forward this message to your GLBT friends, that'd be wonderful.

Thanks for your interest! Keep in touch!

Dan Bernitt
Sawyer House Productions"

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