May 14th, 2007

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Hey everybody — sorry this is so late — but just reminding you all that there's a lit mag meeting tomorrow afternoon about the coffee shop (that's this friday!). It should be in Mrs. Womack's room, as usual, but there's always the chance slight chance that might change. If so, we would probably have it in the library or something, and will stick a sign on the door.

It should only last until four at the latest (probably not even that long). We just want to put a few last things together about the coffee shop (performers, who can help set up, stuff like that).

Oh, to anyone in cultural club: I know there's a meeting for that tomorrow, too, so if you can, try to show up to the lit mag meeting for at least a few minutes?

Hope to see some people there!

Oh! And promote it! Tell your friends to come — free fooooood :D who can resist that?!