April 22nd, 2006


Writing Prompt, Other News, and A Point Of Interest

Writing Prompt of Last Meeting: (Note: This was an ongoing prompt, to be done before next meeting.)
It's a situational prompt, meaning, you write a piece while incorporating the situation into it.

Well, here it is:
"After waking from a coma, a woman discovers that she can smell fear."

I found it and "I have come for my guitar." (dialogue prompt) while flipping through this writer's book of matches I bought. They reminded me of Cara(smelling fear) and Vincent(guitar) and as they were the first two other than myself to show up, the two prompts stuck in my mind.

Anyway, I suggested going for at least a page of writing for next meeting.

In Other News:

Vincent and his posse, are going to attempt to get a nice shot for the cover of the magazine this year.

We are still in need of art, so get cracking on submitting it, por favore.

A Point of Interest: (Try and guess what this reminded me of.)

I got to thinking that some of you might like to play around with this idea, or would, at least, get a chortle out of it.

"The Low-Ball Slam or Bad Poetry Slam rewards the poets with the worst scores. This is a rarely-seen but hilarious event"

- From Wikipedia's article on Slam Poetry, under "Competitions"