February 17th, 2006

  • coidzor

The Meating Place from the 2002 Lit Mag. I got the idea we'd do some up in the same theme.

As both an enjoyable social and creativity inspiring activity. Who knows, you might even first meet a character that you'll claim as your own doing up this exercise. Or you'll discover something more about one of your characters you've had since they were 'born' that you never knew before.

The Meating Place ala 2002Collapse )

This post was made courtesy of my Alpha-Smart's Keyboard Emulation and File sending capabilities. Yes, the entirety of it except for the stuff the monitor and mouse did.

Hope this finds you well, sorry about not telling everyone I wouldn't be able to make the meeting. I'm too out of it to remember if I found out I was having the teeth out on friday(today) on either wednesday night or thursday night. All I know is that I'm getting dizzy for the first time since they injected me at 9 to give me the surgery.