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Avast, 'tis a Christmassy Party

Join Us This Friday For A Very Festive Tell it Slant Holiday Party: Current list of booty to be brought

Mrs. Womack’s making “arrangements” as far as procuring pizza

Ariel hath volunteered her punch making capabilities

Erik’s root beer will be guzzled

Kate’s cornered a corner of the cookie-market, but, as with all festivities, there’s ample room for things to be done in the cookie arena.

Amy and Saskia are joining forces to produce enough reindeer mix to choke a moose and are also to procure some chips.

Jessica is acting requisitioning sergeant of the infrastructural plates and napkins for this adventure

Monica hath claimed the procurement of cups

Erin Green has vouched for the popcorn.

And finally, some mad scientist weirdo (AKA Me, AKA John Duffee) is embarking on a mad quest to make a Fruitcake Pie...

There remains ample room in the production or procurement of crunchable snackery, sweet treats, and even beverages, seeing as how we've got punch and a rootbeer.

And best of all, we're having an all in all rollicking time, and bring something to read because it just wouldn't be lit'rary without it!

Also, we may be getting a visit from Ms. Magrue, the new co-sponsor of Tell it Slant, so let's try not to maim or traumatize her too much until she starts to fight back.

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