John (coidzor) wrote in tellitslant_,

Come one and all!

A good time was had by pretty much all last time. Except for Vincent and myself, apparently. I'm sorry, I'm just incapable of having fun.

Anyway, come to Lit Mag, the submissions review process has been going pretty well so far.

Also, we still need and are definitely still accepting submissions of written literary materials!

But most importantly we need ART! Photos, Sketches, Drawings, Cartoons, Caricatures, Paintings, We're in need! So if you have any visual artist friends, please, Remind them to submit and help us make a more enjoyable literary magazine.

Remember, Submit Writing(poetry, prose), Submit Art, Come to Lit Mag, and Recruit from friends and acquaintances for both art and writing submissions!

You can even talk it over with your english teachers to see if you can get some last ditch extra credit if you get publish'd!
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