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Hey everybody — sorry this is so late — but just reminding you all that there's a lit mag meeting tomorrow afternoon about the coffee shop (that's this friday!). It should be in Mrs. Womack's room, as usual, but there's always the chance slight chance that might change. If so, we would probably have it in the library or something, and will stick a sign on the door.

It should only last until four at the latest (probably not even that long). We just want to put a few last things together about the coffee shop (performers, who can help set up, stuff like that).

Oh, to anyone in cultural club: I know there's a meeting for that tomorrow, too, so if you can, try to show up to the lit mag meeting for at least a few minutes?

Hope to see some people there!

Oh! And promote it! Tell your friends to come — free fooooood :D who can resist that?!
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Avast, 'tis a Christmassy Party

Join Us This Friday For A Very Festive Tell it Slant Holiday Party: Current list of booty to be brought

Mrs. Womack’s making “arrangements” as far as procuring pizza

Ariel hath volunteered her punch making capabilities

Erik’s root beer will be guzzled

Kate’s cornered a corner of the cookie-market, but, as with all festivities, there’s ample room for things to be done in the cookie arena.

Amy and Saskia are joining forces to produce enough reindeer mix to choke a moose and are also to procure some chips.

Jessica is acting requisitioning sergeant of the infrastructural plates and napkins for this adventure

Monica hath claimed the procurement of cups

Erin Green has vouched for the popcorn.

And finally, some mad scientist weirdo (AKA Me, AKA John Duffee) is embarking on a mad quest to make a Fruitcake Pie...

There remains ample room in the production or procurement of crunchable snackery, sweet treats, and even beverages, seeing as how we've got punch and a rootbeer.

And best of all, we're having an all in all rollicking time, and bring something to read because it just wouldn't be lit'rary without it!

Also, we may be getting a visit from Ms. Magrue, the new co-sponsor of Tell it Slant, so let's try not to maim or traumatize her too much until she starts to fight back.
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High School Writing Workshop at Carnegie

Where Carnegie Center, Downtown. It's one of the edges of Gratz Park, and I believe it is on either Second or Short Street.
When Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm, Running from Septermber 12th to November 7th.
What "Creative Writing for High Schoolers"
How Much 10 Dollars for the whole thinger.

Carnegie Website:

"Come get inspired! Using nature, poetry, music and more, students will explore writing short stories and developing characters. Each class will focus on a new inspiration and explore what it takes to get us to the page and tell the right story. $10. Randi Ewing[The woman who puts this on.]" - Youth and Family Programs bulletin form Carnegie Center

So, there'll be a Writing Workshop at the Carrnegie Center that runs for 6 weeks, from September 12th to November 7th I believe it's on Tuesdays evenings from 5:30-7:00 PM.

The lady who puts it on is pretty cool and I attended the first session of it ever, which was pretty good. I think there has only been one other session since, that one being the spring session.

I don't believe I'll be able to attend it for my scheduling this time around. but hey, that's part of why I'm trying to promote it to youse guys 'n' gals.

If you're interested in getting some alternate views on the subject, just remember to take what Ned says with a grain of salt if you ask him.

As for Erin Clouthier, if you can get ahold of her to ask her, even briefly about it, more power to you. I believe she's "mr___moonshine" here on LJ, but I'll have to verify...

Writing Prompt, Other News, and A Point Of Interest

Writing Prompt of Last Meeting: (Note: This was an ongoing prompt, to be done before next meeting.)
It's a situational prompt, meaning, you write a piece while incorporating the situation into it.

Well, here it is:
"After waking from a coma, a woman discovers that she can smell fear."

I found it and "I have come for my guitar." (dialogue prompt) while flipping through this writer's book of matches I bought. They reminded me of Cara(smelling fear) and Vincent(guitar) and as they were the first two other than myself to show up, the two prompts stuck in my mind.

Anyway, I suggested going for at least a page of writing for next meeting.

In Other News:

Vincent and his posse, are going to attempt to get a nice shot for the cover of the magazine this year.

We are still in need of art, so get cracking on submitting it, por favore.

A Point of Interest: (Try and guess what this reminded me of.)

I got to thinking that some of you might like to play around with this idea, or would, at least, get a chortle out of it.

"The Low-Ball Slam or Bad Poetry Slam rewards the poets with the worst scores. This is a rarely-seen but hilarious event"

- From Wikipedia's article on Slam Poetry, under "Competitions"

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Come one and all!

A good time was had by pretty much all last time. Except for Vincent and myself, apparently. I'm sorry, I'm just incapable of having fun.

Anyway, come to Lit Mag, the submissions review process has been going pretty well so far.

Also, we still need and are definitely still accepting submissions of written literary materials!

But most importantly we need ART! Photos, Sketches, Drawings, Cartoons, Caricatures, Paintings, We're in need! So if you have any visual artist friends, please, Remind them to submit and help us make a more enjoyable literary magazine.

Remember, Submit Writing(poetry, prose), Submit Art, Come to Lit Mag, and Recruit from friends and acquaintances for both art and writing submissions!

You can even talk it over with your english teachers to see if you can get some last ditch extra credit if you get publish'd!

Spring Break Writing Exercise

As if any of you actually look at this. *stares at Vinchezo*

So basically, I'm thinking, As you go through your spring break, figure out what the hell spring and spring break actually mean and/or represent to you and write out a scene that best typifies, exemplifies, or just plain shows what spring is to you.

And I'm relying on Jessica to send this via email to Vincent if he doesn't read this himself. As Vincent, it's up to you to send out the group email as Jessica is being impatient and will kill me if I take the time to do it myself.

Good bye and goodluck
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The Meating Place from the 2002 Lit Mag. I got the idea we'd do some up in the same theme.

As both an enjoyable social and creativity inspiring activity. Who knows, you might even first meet a character that you'll claim as your own doing up this exercise. Or you'll discover something more about one of your characters you've had since they were 'born' that you never knew before.

The Meating Place ala 2002Collapse )

This post was made courtesy of my Alpha-Smart's Keyboard Emulation and File sending capabilities. Yes, the entirety of it except for the stuff the monitor and mouse did.

Hope this finds you well, sorry about not telling everyone I wouldn't be able to make the meeting. I'm too out of it to remember if I found out I was having the teeth out on friday(today) on either wednesday night or thursday night. All I know is that I'm getting dizzy for the first time since they injected me at 9 to give me the surgery.

Agendas for all the meetings leading to Undergrounds

   Hello, I am just posting this to let you all know the schedule for the next few meetings. As per John's post a few minutes ago, YES THESE ARE MANDATORY!!!!!!!!!! Also, since I won't be there on this Friday, PLEASE remember to fill out those forms! MYC has been bugging me about them, and I should have had them in last tuesday... oops. But still, John will have copies tomorrow. Here are the Agendas (only most things are set in stone)

Tell It Slant Schedules

FEB 10

  • Check-in (5 minutes); name, age, year, something that happened this week/etc.

  • Short Writing activity (~15 minutes)

  • Determine what is going to happen at Undergrounds, as far as:

    • Bands that are definitely playing

    • Are we having an auction?

    • Are we selling food?

    • Are we having a poetry slam?

    • Selling art?

    • Other ideas?

  • Discuss with band representatives that are present about sound equipment, Matt Steele in charge

  • Read and Critique if time

FEB 17

  • Check-in (5 minutes); name, age, year, something that happened this week/etc.

  • Short Writing activity (~15 minutes) (can be omitted if Jonny comes!)

  • Determine a final list of bands that are performing

    • sketch a rough timetable

  • Confirm sound equipment availability

  • Read and Critique if time, and if Jonny doesn't come

  • Make decorations!

FEB 24

  • Check-in (5 minutes); name, age, year, something that happened this week/etc.

  • Short Writing activity (~15 minutes)

  • Final list of the necessary donations- food, cups, plates, etc.

  • Determine costs of food and entry, etc.

  • Design the cafeteria setup

  • Finalize timetables for performances/activities

  • Read and Critique, if time


  • Check-in (5 minutes); name, age, year, something that happened this week/etc.

  • Short Writing activity (~15 minutes)

  • Final count on food and donations

  • Confirm sound equipment

  • Confirm cafeteria design

  • Assign jobs for March 10; determine schedule

  • Make decorations for Undergrounds!

MAR 10

- Ask what people want to do; we don't have school! Maybe meet around noon to get done early and then we can go eat somewhere together or do a potluck? Maybe even do some final decorations or random eclectic art? We will determine the times people need to be at HC on Mar. 10 at the March 3 meeting, earlier if possible.

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Alright Everyone, The Next few meetings are MANDATORY Attendance.

So remind everyone else that you need to show up to the next meetings. Undergrounds is March Tenth so really we should've had mandatory meetings since mid-January, but hinsight is 20-20.

Tomorrow we're going to be hashing out some details with band-reps and making Undergrounds advertisement flyers.

We should also be getting those entry forms that Vincent was going to bring awhile ago for the poetry slam being put on by the Mayor's Youth Council or some such organization. They're due like monday so if you're interested, please show up.
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March 10th, 2006. Henry Clay Cafeteria.

Time Set for approximately 7:00 to 10:30 for the show itself. Roughly Estimated Staff Time: 6:15-11:15

Currently have told Varden Fall, The Moondogs, and Alistair Dark(Justin K.)

Also, if you're interested in helping with the Henry Clay Poetry Slam, then email me back or just reply to the group email I'm sending out. I know a few of you had some specific complaints about the last one. One of the more notable being that it wasn't actually slamming. In which case, you should definitely let me know you're interested in it because Ms. Cantrell(librarian) wants to meet with some of us from Lit Mag about such concerns and also the particulars of our help in setting up for it. Also, it is scheduled, roughly, for March 22nd.