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lili fanart q

someone posted this fanart of Lili on dA - it was a manipulation of a fanart image. I can't find the original image or artist and it was something she found online a while ago I guess because the real artist wasn't listed.

Does anyone here know the name of the original artist who did this?

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Claim (a first for me): Lili

Does anyone have any good Tekken fanart links or places to find high res pics? Usually I just go to Zaibatsu & the official JP site, but I'm looking for more Lili & Ling art.

I had one deviantart link with good art, but I can't find it at the moment, I'll be sure to edit this & link to it when I do: http://blitzball.deviantart.com/gallery/ there it is, mostly ling
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Mod Post, holy shit.

I managed to forget I was the mod of this place. Anyway, since the claims list is old and out of date.

So, I decided to make a new one, users who's journals have been deleted will be removed from it and new characters will be added (soon).

In no real order, I just figured it needed an update.

Ling Xiaoyu - dokuza
Hwaorang - slayer_vampire
Jin Kazama - rave_epic
Lee Chaolan - olsie31588
Eddy Gordo - totalkaos
Baek Do San - ambienceman
Paul Phoenix - unclaimed
King - unclaimed
Armor King - unclaimed
Devil Jin - 13th_deity
Bryan Fury - hello___america
Angel - kazumitsu
Law - devil_koori
Yoshimitsu - dracotheferret
Steve Fox - chibikazz
Christie Monteiro - keppaku
Unknown - dracanta Sharing with tons_of_fun
Kunimitsu - huntersmoon
Lei Wu-Long - dedpoo
Anna Williams - dulcea
Julia Chang - paralyse
Miharu Hirano - fifteenstitches
Kazuya Mishima - tida
Heihachi Mishima- unclaimed
Jun Kazama - holygrailbunny
Kuma - unclaimed
Panda - mudipherus
Gun Jack - mobius_efffect
Marshall Law - dss_game -.-;
Nina Williams - stephy_chan
Dragunov - darksoul502a
The Jacks - unclaimed
Wang Jinrei - unclaimed
Asuka Kazama - bleu_ice2002
Lilli - venado
Craig Marduk - unclaimed
Raven - unclaimed
Feng Wei - unclaimed
Alex - unclaimed
Dr. Boskonovich - unclaimed
Combot - unclaimed
Ganryu - unclaimed
Gon - unclaimed
Miharu Hirano - unclaimed
Bruce Irvin - unclaimed
Tiger Jackson - unclaimed
Mokujin - unclaimed
Roger - unclaimed
Roger Jr. - unclaimed
Tetsujin - unclaimed

If I missed something, comment please, thank you.
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New here

Has anyone heard rumours about DR & a console version? I know that we won't be getting DR in this city because of the upgrade cost - and not seeing or playing the new characters is killing me. My guess is that DR console will be skipped for the following 6 which will instead be on the PS3 - like I said, just a guess. If that's the case, I have to start saving now before I break my bank.
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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

According to Tekken Zaibatsu, Namco is releasing T5: DR, an upgrade to the already badass Tekken 5 that will bring a few more characters from previous Tekken games, plus a couple of newcomers.

Characters that are (seemingly) confirmed are Armor King, who was believed dead in Tekken 4 by Marduk's own hands. Another character who is not exactyly confirmed, but a rumor of sorts seems to be Kunimitsu, Yoshimitsu'straitorous comrade in thievery.

Although Prototype Jack seems to be a big no at the moment. Same for Alex.

Ogre? I wish, it would be a nice addition as well as Devil Kazuya and Angel.

Another update will be the total remodeling of characters in terms of looks and facial expressions, Namco will rework the entire thing from scratch so it seems.

Although it is not certain if this will change gameplay, or it will again, edit fighting styles of every character like it did in T5.

Newcomers are Samboan Wrestler who seems to be in the lookout for Kazuya (rumor), and a 16 year old girl who seems the equivalent of Street Fighter Alpha 3's Karin.

This is my own assumption, but it seem MAYBE you will also be playing as the game's boss, Jinpachi Mishima.

More as it develops, it is aid that the game might be in arceds in Japan in Winter of 2005, again, it is not cetain that this is accurate, so read the link's news to find more.

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New member

Hey there. My name's Michael, I'm 18 and I've been a gamer for most all my life. I play it all, every genre. I collect game consoles and enjoy classic games as much as I do the current generation. Back in the day I used to play Halo 1 for league tournaments. Right now my only tournament grade games are Tekken Tag and Tekken 5, though I have been participating in a lot of SC3 lately.

I've just gotten a Japanese PS2 and I was wondering, does anyone know of any good games I should import? The only games I have for it at moment are Rez, NamcoXCapcom and some $20.00 budget games. Any advice would be much appreciated.

By the way, has anyone here seen the Tekken slot machine?