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Teapot Icons, because EVERYBODY needs a cool icon....

Like OMG totally!!!11

Teapot Icons, because we all need a cool icon....
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Welcome to Teapot Icons, an icon journal owned by joeytheteapot. The icons I post here will be for your use, with the following of a few simple rules:
  1. Credit is not required, but much appreciated.
  2. It's also appreciated if you comment before taking an icon and mention which icons you took.
  3. Please do not hotlink.

PLEASE NOTE that I will not allow people to post, but they will be allowed to join. I'm only making this a community so that I can post with my joeytheteapot instead of having to log in and out of names on my LJ client, as I am lazy. You will still be able to comment though.

I MAY occasionally post other types of graphics, like headers, etc. But I will mostly only post icons.

teh_indy // booster_rocket // iconography_
takentoken // dizzy_dreamer

If you'd like to be affiliates, just respond to a post...preferably the latest post you see, so I'll be likely to see it. ;)