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-Everything We Had (The Academy Is...)
-Cute Without The E (Taking Back Sunday)
-All That I've Got (The Used)
-That Green Gentlemen & Nine in The Afternoon (Panic! at The Disco)
-I Don't Love You & Teenagers (My Chemical Romance)
-I Don't Care & Dance Dance (Fall Out Boy)


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n00b alert.

I have never posted icons of anything before. I vaguely know how to make an LJ cut, so this should be interesting.
Basically I just make very simple icons from photobucket pictures.. occasionally with a change of colors, but.. nothing hugely special. Basically just pictures cut to size with sometimes-creative cropping.
But, I figure maybe someone will like them.
And perhaps someone could tell me how to make those pretty little "teasers"? Yes?

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donghae, eunhyuk

icons and banners

[19] The Maine
[9] Adam Lazzara
[1] Adam Lazzara with Matt
[6] Gerard Way
[4] Frank Iero
[2] Hayley Williams
[2] Hayley Williams and Shaant Hacikyan

[2] Taking Back Sunday (with Fred)
[3] The Maine
[1] Frank Iero


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