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Taking Flight

Celebrating the Thoroughbred Series

Celebrating the Thoroughbred Series
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Talking about Joanna Campbell's Thoroughbred Series.
Taking Flight: A Thoroughbred Series Community

Welcome to Taking Flight, a Livejournal community dedicated exclusively to the Thoroughbred Series and the Ashleigh Series by Joanna Campbell.

What to post:
- Any fan fiction pertaining to the Thoroughbred Series, Ashleigh Series, and Battlecry Forever! by Joanna Campbell. All pairings are accepted (canon and non-canon, including slash). All ratings are accepted.
- Pictures, icons, fan art, book discussion, book critique and upcoming news. Please put large images behind an lj-cut. Images rated the equivalent of R or above must be put behind an lj-cut, no matter the size.
- Fanmixes, which are members only.

What NOT to post:
- Any story, image, or vid containing sexually explicit scenes with underage characters is not allowed on Taking Flight. Posts in violation of this rule will be deleted without warning. If you have any doubts about whether your work might not be permitted, please contact the mod before posting.

How to post a story:
- Please put your story behind an lj-cut, or link to it.
- Story information (to be put in the post before the lj-cut) must contain the title, the rating, the romantic pairing, and any appropriate warnings for things such as character death, extreme violence, or sexually explicit themes. Text snippets or teasers placed before the lj-cut must be rated below the equivalent of R.
- Please properly edit and spell check stories before posting.
- Stories posted without ratings will be assigned one by the mod or deleted.

Feedback and comments?
- Feedback is encouraged. Please go crazy.
- Constructive criticism is welcome.
- Flames, no matter what, will not be tolerated.

Recaps and Reviews:
The Whitebrook Farm Blog.

Whitebrook Farm Forum.

Modly Information:
Taking Flight is maintained by syriinx.

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