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1) NO INTRO POSTS. Please, supply us with something useful and informative about Taking Back Sunday. There have been too many "Hi, my name is ____, I've been listening to TBS for a year..." posts. Also, I doubt anyone cares what you look like, so please don't post pictures of yourself.

2) Make all of your posts related to Taking Back Sunday, please. Any posts that are completely unrelated, or just stupid will be deleted, so you shouldn't even bother.

3) Posts advertising other communities will also be deleted, unless somehow related to Taking Back Sunday. As for anything else, thats not what this community is for, so don't misuse it.

4) Have respect for others in the community. Don't be rude if you don't need to be. If you have a problem with someone inside of the community, take it out.

5) Don't join if you just want to make smart-ass comments about the band, and you aren't actually a fan. Its annoying, and depending on the content, these posts may be deleted as well.

6) Don't choose favorites. No one wants to see a bunch of posts saying "OMIGAWD, ADAM IZ SO0o0o HAWT!!11!". No one cares, now please stop.

7) Also please don't post things in an attempt to make others jealous. It may be fun for you, but not for anyone else.

8) If you're going to post pictures, please make sure every one of them is behind a cut, and also make the post Friends Only. If you need help with that, IM/e-mail the mod.

9) Do not post asking for tickets to buy. The post will be rejected. If you want to sell tickets, please feel free to post. In addition to that, posts with questions about the venues and their rules will not be accepted. They have official sites and phone numbers that can answer that for you.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the community, the mod can be emailed at leah@capturethisvoid.com.

Also, if you have a greatestjournal, join.


drums: Mark O'Connell
vocals: Adam Lazzara
guitar: Eddie Reyes
bass: Matt Rubano
guitar, back up vocals: Fred Mascherino