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Taking Back Sunday's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Taking Back Sunday

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UK Fans - TBS at Reading 2008! [31 Mar 2008|08:51pm]

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Ok, question. [31 Mar 2008|01:43pm]

In order to get the DVDs for Louder Now Part One and Part Two, you would have to buy the CD twice? Am I understanding this correctly?

Is it worth it?
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[18 Sep 2007|07:42pm]

I've just read a bulletin from TBS's MySpace and they mentioned a b-side called "Sleep."  Until now, I've not heard of it.
Anyone know where I could find this song?
...I'll bow to you if you do.
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Hello, I'm Amanda June with Scream Louder Media and we recently took pictures of Taking Back Sundayon the Projekt Revolution Tour. Just click HERE to check out the blog.
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[02 Aug 2007|01:18pm]

Anyone who has already been to A projekt revolution, could you please contact me and tell me when exactlly it sstarts and ends!! And who plays first & what timess...thank you so much if you could help me out here !

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[24 Jul 2007|11:58pm]

-36 Panic! At the Disco
-20 Fall Out Boy
-32 Taking Back Sunday

6 BANNERS (2 each)
-Ryan Ross, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday


HERE @ risefrom_ashes
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[17 Jul 2007|07:02pm]

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[10 Jun 2007|01:16am]

01-12: Katherine Heigl
13-16: Milo Ventimiglia
17-24: Straylight Run/John Nolan
25-40: Cobra Starship/Gabe Saporta
41-52: Taking Back Sunday lyrics (Louder Now)
53-60: Interest icons


more here at city_wall
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Taste It Tv Interview with TBS (at Wembley Arena) [14 May 2007|05:53pm]

Taste It Tv did an interview with Matt and Adam during their tour with Lostprophets in the UK. Check it out.

Follow Adam's love ray
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[05 May 2007|08:15am]

Dj Rossstar is taking requests for bands for him to interview at Bamboozle so go here and request Taking Back Sunday.
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Music Icons [04 May 2007|01:43am]

[23] Placebo
[22] The Academy Is...
[26] Panic! At The Disco
[17] Travis McCoy (gym class heroes)
[15] Gabe Saporta (cobra starship/midtown)
[33] Fall Out Boy
[42] My Chemical Romance
[21] Taking Back Sunday


Icons Are At My Journal
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TBS @ PNE forum in Vancouver [27 Mar 2007|03:49pm]

all of set phasers to stun on video:

marc singing+adam drumming for 2 seconds

when you were young/divine intervention (34 seconds)

story, pictures
tbs,underoath,Collapse )
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[26 Mar 2007|11:54pm]

If anyone wants to read it, I have a bit of a review of the March 25th AFS, UO, TBS concert at my journal here! :]
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[26 Mar 2007|05:38pm]

01-13 ~ Brand New
14-20 ~ Adam Lazzara
21-32 ~ My Chemical Romance

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

more here at city_wall

(cross-posted all over, sorry)
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Taking Back Sunday Article [21 Mar 2007|02:01pm]

Done by Vancouver magazine, The Straight.

It's pretty well done. From March 15th.

juts a piece (totally cute, the last part)
Fred Mascherino sounds off on the things that enquiring minds want to know.

On Taking Back Sunday's touring philosophy: "We play six days out of seven. Right from the beginning, we've never wanted days off—we thought they were for losers. Now we'll take one day off a week, mainly because we're playing such long sets these days that we can use the rest."

On juggling family while being on the road: "We're not at the family-bus level yet… My kids are three and five, and that makes it hard to tour sometimes. I have to make sure to call home every day. We've also got the iChat going so we can video-conference, which means I get to see them when they get new haircuts. But when we're off the road, I get to spend more time with them than I probably got to spend with my dad."
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[19 Mar 2007|10:43pm]

Hey guys,
I was just wondering if there was anywhere I could download the music videos for cut from the team, timberwolves, and you're so last summer in a format that can be converted to fit into an ipod.

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taking back sunday and underoath concert tonight in Irvine, California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [13 Mar 2007|06:21pm]

hi..if you live in southern california....

my friend last minute bailed on goin' to the taking back sunday and underoath concert at UCI in irvine.

i have 2 tickets

if anyone is free and wants to have a awesome time and is willin' to drive out there and pick me up, i live in pasadena/alhambra area...they have a free ticket.

lets do this..

i don't want these tickets to go to waste.

<3 Stefanie

message me back here
or Aol aim me


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Baby, Your Beard Hurts/I'm Not Gay (I Just Wish I Were). [06 Mar 2007|12:07am]

I just went back a few pages and didn't find anything, so I'm wondering if anyone has the audio (or could rip it) for Baby, Your Beard Hurts/I'm Not Gay (I Just Wish I Were).

For those of you that have never heard it--Collapse )
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[27 Feb 2007|10:10pm]

so, who has gone to the louder now tour so far? what kind of merch is being sold?

i will be going to see them on sunday at the myth. :) let's hear about the tour so far.
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