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I didn't see anything in the rules saying this wasn't allowed but if it isn't, I'll gladly delete this.

So I have been saving all my magazines since like 2004 and I just decided to get rid of them because there's no point in me keeping them anymore. I put up a post in my lj so please check it out.

I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up because I have quite a few system of a down magazines for sale including imports that are hard to find here in the states :)

Right here

Thanks guys!

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what would you ask serj tankyan about if you have the opportunity?
thanks for interesting questions in avdance.
i promise you will find here all the details of this meeting which will take place on 20/06 in moscow

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 Hi I'm new and this is driving me really nuts right now and I don't even know if this allowed in this community. Does anyone know what is the summary of "Duty Free Fear' in Serf Tankian's Cool Garden's book means? Please help, I need to present it to my class on Monday.