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♥ name ♥britney
♥ where do you live ♥bay city
♥ age ♥13
♥ how did you find us ♥good_nitekiss(mod)
♥ are you taken or single [pictures please?] ♥taken,sorry no pictures:(

♥All About You♥
♥ What is your favorite food? ♥pizza or(sandwiches with torie),strawberries
♥ What is your favorite drink? ♥strawberry smoothies,dr.pepper
♥ What are your favorite 5 songs? ♥(i like all types of music so.)
sugar,we`re going down;fall out boy
we belong together;mariah carey
lose control;missy elliott
baby girl;sugarland
bless the broken road;rascal flatts
♥ What is your favorite 3 singers/bands? ♥fall out boy,rascal flatts,bowling for soup,ashlee simpson
♥ What are your favorite 5 movies? ♥dirty dancing,13 going on 30,mean girls,boogeyman,thirteen
♥ What is your favorite color? ♥pink!
♥ What kind of personality do you have? ♥kind,honest,caring,loving,outgoing,fun to be with
♥ What are some of your pet peeves? ♥when people chew with their mouth open,when people talk about you and they don`t know you
♥ What is your dream job? ♥either something with delivering babies,a doctor,or a registered nurse
♥ What are your favorite stores? ♥american eagle,hollister,target:)
♥ What makes you think you're a sweetheart? ♥all the girls here are super sweet and i thought it`d be a fun community to join.
♥ What is your least favorite thing about yourself? ♥nothing really big;i guess i wish i was naturally tanner
♥ What made you post an app here? ♥i know all the mods:)

♥This or That♥
♥ Ashlee or Jessica? ♥ashlee
♥ Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes? ♥flip flops
♥ Britney or Jamie? ♥britney
♥ Polka Dots or Stripes? ♥polka dots
♥ Latte or Cappucino? ♥cappucino
♥ Gum or Mints? ♥gum,but mints are always good too
♥ The O.C. or Laguna Beach? ♥the O.C.
♥ Cali or Hawaii? ♥hawaii
♥ Strawberry or Vanilla? ♥strawberry
♥ Smoothie or Slurpee? ♥smoothie
♥ American Idol or Star Search? ♥american idol
♥ Mtv or Vh1? ♥MTV
♥ The Challenge or The Inferno? ♥the inferno?
♥ Water or Gatorade? ♥gatorade def.
♥ Pool or Beach? ♥beach!B)

♥promote in 3 places[journals or communities]♥
[make sure you tell us what picture you want for the photobucket]


you chose one for the photobucket?:)

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