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heyyyy omg im really bored so im going to do this survey in here lol :-)


Name 20 friends, in no order!
[1] katy b
[2] larissa
[3] tyler l.
[4] laurel
[5] kelsey
[6] marissa
[7] chrissy
[8] lorenzo
[9] haley
[10] shaylin
[14] shane
[15]tyler t

[A] Who is #8 going out with?
me :-) <3.
[B] Is #9 a boy or a girl?

[C] Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple?

[D] How about #18 and #4?
yes they would.

[E] What grade is #17 in?
Going into 8th

[F] When was the last time you talked to #12?

[G] What is #6's favorite band?
good question :)

[H] Does #1 have any siblings?
yes a brother and sister.

[I] Would you ever date #3?
dont know hes my bestest friend.

[J] Would you ever punch #7?
no i love her :)

[K] Is #16 single?
yeah she is.

[L] What's #15's last name?

[M] What's #5's middle name?
i dont know.

[N] What's #10's fantasy?
why dont you ask her and not me :)

[O] Would #14 and #19 make a good couple?
yeah if they knew eachother.

[P] What school does #20 go to?

[Q] Tell me a random fact about #11?
hes my favorite cousin

[R] And #1:
she is always my cousin and one of my bestfriends :-)!!!

[S] And #3:
well he is my bestest friend and hes a hottie lol.

[T] And #2:
shes stupid. :-P

[U] Have you ever had a crush on #16?
nope shes a girl

[V] Where does #9 live?
Bay City

[W] What's #4's favorite color?

[X] Would you make out with #3?
dont know

[Y] Are #5 & #6 best friends?
no but there good friends.

[Z] Does #8 like #19?
they dont know eachother + hes mine lol.

[a] Does #10 have any pets?
dont know.

[b] Is #12 older than you?
by a month

[c] Give #13 a hug?
no thank you. ;-) just kidding, katy can for me. lol

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